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CWEA President Carrie Mattingly

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Dear Water Environment Professional,

Despite tough economic times, most public service providers have done more to protect their communities than just meet the basic minimum standards required by law. Doing more with less has become the new normal. We’re innovating our business practices. We’re coming up with new technology. Many of us are even extracting energy from our processes to become green energy producers. I’m proud of the way water environment professionals continue to be innovative and creative, and how we share our knowledge with one another. And I’m proud of how the California Water Environment Association helps our profession by providing essential training, certification and career development opportunities. I’m pleased to present this year’s Member Value Report highlighting some of your Association’s accomplishments.

Setting the Certification Standard for 75 Years
This year is CWEA’s Technical Certification Program’s (TCP) 75th year anniversary. TCP has grown from offering one professional certification level back in 1937 (then called Voluntary Certification Program) to 24 certifications in 6 vocations in 2012. Thousands of CWEA certificates are earned and renewed by water professionals annually throughout California and in Michigan, Missouri and Hawaii. CWEA keeps up with demands from the profession and remains ahead of the curve by offering computer-based testing and by investing in regular test re-validation.

Delivering Excellent Education and Training Opportunities
CWEA continues to deliver well-priced regional programming and the Annual Conference that you’ve grown to depend on every year. We’re innovating training delivery methods on emerging topics such as sanitary sewer overflow volume estimation. Our local sections and committees put on hundreds of fun and educational low-cost trainings across the state, including a celebration this summer for the 50th training developed by our Southern Sections Collection Systems Committee.

Representing Members Through Strategic Partnerships and Advocacy
CWEA acts on your behalf to ensure that your voice is heard. We coordinate with other state leaders like the California Association of Sanitation Agencies and national organizations like the Water Environment Federation. Along with our
partners, we submit comment letters on issues that matter like nutrient management, operator certification, insecticides, public employee travel restrictions, sanitary sewer system waste discharge requirements and food waste grinders.

Celebrating Successes that Advance our Profession
We share member news, agency innovations and best practices in the Wastewater Professional and the E-bulletin. The awards program showcases your accomplishments throughout the state and raises community awareness of the people making their water cleaner and safer. The Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship helps attract deserving future leaders into the field. We’re committed to helping the public understand the value safe water supplies and the essential service you provide as a water environment professional. Water’s Worth It.

Carrie Mattingly
City of San Luis Obispo
CWEA President 2012-2013
CWEA CSM Grade IV & ECI Grade IV

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