9/13: Algae Biofuel in Wastewater Treatment Webinar

Join this BlueTech Research webinar to learn about algae biofuel wastewater treatment market potential, current state of the art, and future directions.

Hear representatives from Aqualia, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo, University of Manchester/United Utilities, and BioVantage Resources, Inc.

These experts will provide insights and answers to the following questions and more:
– What is the current state of the art of algal wastewater treatment; removal rates, biofuel yields, and currently operating projects?
– Is this a biofuel generating process using wastewater as a feedstock, or a wastewater treatment process that has the potential to generate a biofuel byproduct?
– Is algal treatment limited to niche application due to footprint and climatic factors?

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