A letter from the Leadership Development Committee

Greetings fellow CWEA members!

I’m pleased to announce that the CWEA Supergroup Committee has a new name, Leadership Development Committee.  There are new standing rules and objectives including supporting CWEA members to become effective leaders in their respective fields by providing training and development opportunities that build and expand skills for supervisorial and management roles, for embracing and managing change and for effective communications. This includes leadership skills that will translate into improved agency organization/performance. To meet these objectives, there will be leadership sessions at future CWEA Annual Conferences, Specialty Conferences, and Local Section workshops.  I encourage the Local Sections to adopt the committee’s new name in place of their Supergroup Committee name and start promoting leadership development skills to their local members.

The Leadership Development Committee is still tasked with coordinating the state-level Plant of the Year (POTY) awards (including tours) and the Supervisor of the Year (SOTY) awards and is always looking for volunteers to assist with the judging.

At the Annual Conference in Santa Clara, the Leadership and Development Committee had our first breakfast meeting with 16 attendees!  These individuals will be the core of our Committee and as we move forward they will be instrumental in meeting the Committees objectives.  However, additional volunteers for the committee are always welcome! Topics at the breakfast meeting included what each person in attendance is looking for in developing leaders at their agency and developing their own leadership skills.  We also discussed requiring the POTY winners to provide a judge for next year’s event.  The Committee would also like to design a new lapel pin and logo for polo shirts.  We will also be making changes to the POTY application and questions asked during the tours to streamline the process.

I would like to acknowledge the following individuals for their support during this past year as I moved into the Chair of the Committee:  Dale Ducharme, Veolia, my mentor and Past Chair of the Committee (he got me involved in the Super Group Committee as a judge a few years back);  Garry Parker, Encina Wastewater Authority, CWEA Board of Directors Committee liaison and incoming CWEA President;  Dianne Lee, West Yost Associates and MER committee member, for assistance with the standing rules; Alec Mackie, Director of Communications and Marketing CWEA for his assistance with pushing the name change through the MER Committee; Megan Barillo, CWEA Communications Manager for assistance with the POTY and SOTY awards; Elizabeth Allan, CWEA Executive Director for her encouragement and support; and finally Rick Staggs, City of Fresno for volunteering to be the Leadership Development Vice Chair.

I can be reached at brett.offerman@kemira.com and 805-444-4486 for any additional info.


Brett Offerman, Kemira, Leadership Development Committee Chair

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