AB 1672 Flushable Wipes Bill Needs Your Help

By Heidi Sanborn, Executive Director National Stewardship Action Council

This bill is currently on the suspense file of the California State Assembly, and we will find out TOMORROW whether it moves forward to the Assembly Floor for a full vote by May 31.  The opposition is lobbying hard against this simple yet important bill and it needs your time and attention to get out of appropriations tomorrow!

The industry is working hard to mislead legislators into believing that the bill creates a “de facto ban” on wipes in California, which is, of course, untrue.  We must raise awareness of this bill via social media and other digital efforts to help convince legislators to vote AYE in Approps and (here’s hoping!) on the Assembly Floor.

Below are sample social media posts you’ll be able to use or modify for your own accounts over the next two days. Please like and/or share the posts of each other, since posts show up more often in the feeds of people who don’t follow National Stewardship Action Council when they have more engagement.

ATTENTION SANITATION AND WATER DISTRICTS: If you experience a major wipe clog anytime between now and May 22, please 1) take pictures and 2) immediately let Heidi Sanborn know — Heidi will work to get local news coverage of the event and promote AB 1672 in the process.  Having a timely visual aid can really help illustrate the issue for undecided legislators!

E-ALERT CONTENT:  Are you considering sending out an e-alert to your membership or constituency and want to include information on AB 1672, including a request to contact legislators regarding the bill?  Please don’t hesitate to email or call Heidi at 916-505-2571 if you would like assistance with timely custom content.

SOCIAL MEDIA SAMPLE POSTS (please note that many of the supportive organizations have their own anti-flushing-wipes websites, so where appropriate, please feel free to substitute some of the links provided with your own):

How would consumers know not to flush wipes down the toilet when the packaging says they are “flushable”?  #AB1672 would stop this misleading practice. #WipesClogPipes http://casaweb.org/wipes/

#WipesClogPipes.  Homeowners and taxpayers pay for the repairs. Support #AB1672 by @AsmRichardBloom & sponsored by@CASA_CleanWater @NSACTION_US. https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/lifestyle/sns-201905061301–tms–askbildrctnab-a20190510-20190510-story.html

Advice from plumber with 30 year career: Don’t flush wipes! Support #AB1672 so wipes don’t have misleading “flushable” labeling #WipesClogPipes https://www.sandiegouniontribune.com/lifestyle/sns-201905061301–tms–askbildrctnab-a20190510-20190510-story.html

It’s obvious that companies shouldn’t call products something they aren’t, right? But “flushable” wipes should NOT be flushed. They clog sewers & cost taxpayers $. #CAleg: Pass #AB1672 to stop this marketing. #WipesClogPipes http://casaweb.org/wipes/

CA isn’t trying to ban wipes with #AB1672 – it’s just requiring companies to be honest on the label of one of their products. #WipesClogPipes http://casaweb.org/wipes/

35+ sanitation & water districts, local govs, environment orgs, and businesses support #AB1672 because #WipesClogPipes and cost property owners/taxpayers $ to fix problems https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/ad724e_4b7ec6731fff4bf3be019f3a5dc2fa66.pdf

#WipesClogPipes. And septic systems. And water treatment plants. And they release #microplastics into waterways. #CALeg must pass #AB1672 to stop misleading “flushable” labeling on wipes  http://casaweb.org/wipes/

Contact your legislator – tell them you don’t like that #WipesClogPipes, and that they should vote for #AB1672 by @AsmRichardBloom! http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

One comment on “AB 1672 Flushable Wipes Bill Needs Your Help

  1. Wynn Grcich says:

    This bill should have been passed a long time ago. There are many senior citizens in diapers and have non speaking English care takers who flush the wipes down the toilet. I had to call a plumber once for my dad because of that. Wipes, condoms, and tampons should not be going down the toilets. The bill could combined all three. We have many illegal people invading our country with babies and many don’t speak English or want to learn. They flush wipes down the toilet. They can’t even recycle right in my neighborhood. I worked at three shopping malls and found dirty diapers in shopping carts. I have found them on picnic tables at the park near my home. All bathrooms need signs in Spanish and pictures of no wipes on every toilet stall. Have closed wipe dispensers in the toilet stalls. No one wants to see or smell poopy wipes.
    Also stop AB967 water cremations. It is suppose to start in 2020. Governor Brown signed it into law October 17, 2017. Liquefying dead bodies and pouring that down the drain doesn’t help our water pipes. The lye used to dissolve the flesh and organs of dead bodies will leach lead and heavy metals from our water pipes and make the pipe infrastructure weak and rupture soon. If we have an earth quake. we will all be in trouble. Stop AB967 today, we have less than 6 months to stop it.

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