AC-13: NEW! Cutting Edge Technology Seminar Features Wastewater Technologies from the Future!

Cutting Edge Tech Presentation: Microbial Fuel Cells For The Treatment Of Sludge by the J. Craig Venter Institute

What does the future of wastewater treatment look like? Find out at CWEA Annual Conference 2013 in Palm Springs!

Calling all curious wastewater professionals! For the first time ever we’ll peek into the future and learn about the newest, most cutting edge wastewater technologies. How will these technologies impact wastewater treatment? How will they impact our profession?

CWEA is developing this forum to exchange new, creative and even unusual ideas about making the treatment process and our profession even better. Tell us what you think!

On Wednesday CWEA’s Gimmicks & Gadgets Committee presents this year’s top operator inventions. Then, on Thursday Jeff Moeller of WERF joins us as moderator and will also present details about their LIFT technology evaluation program. Friday’s moderator is John Jardin, Director of Research & Development for the Encina Wastewater Authority.

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Cutting edge technology presentations will take place in the Smoketree Seminar Room at the Palm Springs Convention Center and include:

WEDNESDAY – California’s Wastewater Gimmicks & Gadgets

  • California wastewater treatment professionals present their award winning Gimmicks & Gadgets. See how creative wastewater operators, mechanics and collection system professionals make their job and the job of their co-workers stress fee with innovative inventions during this fun and interactive training session.

THURSDAY MORNING – Game-Changers  Wastewater as a Resource

  • Microbial Fuel Cells For The Treatment Of Sludge, Orianna Bretschger and Dr. Craig Venter, PhD, J. Craig Venter Institute
  • Non-Toxic, Non-Chemical Title-22 Disinfection Plus Renewable Energy, Greg Ryan, Pasteurization Technology Group
  • Decentralizing Wastewater Treatment and Reuse at SFPUC Headquarters, Sarah Rhodes and John Scarpulla, San Francisco PUC
  • StormBLOX®: A New Physical-Chemical Treatment Producing Recycled Water Without Biological Treatment, Gordon Williams, Trussell Technologies
  • WEF/WERF LIFT Program: Accelerating the Adoption of Innovative Technology, Jeff Moeller, WERF

THURSDAY AFTERNOON – Cutting Edge Collection Systems

  • Panel Discussion – Can the Wastewater and Non-Woven Industries Innovate Our Way Out of the Non-Dispersibles Problem? Nick Arhontes, OCSD; Bob Domkowski, Xylem Flygt; Scott Kelly, JWC Environmental; Steve Ogle, INDA
  • The New Wastewater Collection System Challenges Caused by Modern Trash, Bob Domkowski, Xylem Flygt
  • Identifying and Quantifying Private Sanitary Sewer Lateral Infiltration, Mark Grabowski, Electro Scan
  • Easements are Easy – Using Remote Real-Time Monitoring to Reduce Spills, Save Time and Reduce Risks, Leo Schempp, Hadronex and Jeff Stecker, Leucadia Wastewater District

FRIDAY MORNING – Reinventing the Treatment Plant – From Headworks to Biosolids

  • Innovative Sustainable Headworks+, Terry Wright, 3TG
  • NOxRx® A Wet Scrubbing Emissions Control System for Biogas Engines, Seth Burns, Biogas & Electric
  • On-site Generation of SO2-Bisulfite for Dechlorination, Terry R. Gong, Earth Renaissance Technologies
  • Sludge Reed Beds: An Innovative, “Green” and Cost Effective Solution to Biosolids Management, Scott Davis, Constructed Wetland Group
  • Water+Innovation: Understanding Innovation Companies and Developing a Successful Partnership, Soma Bhadra, PROTEUS Consulting and Kevin Hardy, Encina Water Authority

FRIDAY AFTERNOON – Reinventing On-Site Treatment

  • The Living Machine Tidal Flow Wetland®: Game-Changing Treatment and Reuse Technology, Les Behrends, PhD and Eric Lohan, Living Machine Systems
  • WEF Innovative Technology Award Winning Packed-Bed Wastewater Treatment Technology, Mark Gross, Orenco Systems, Inc; Steven Brabands, Biosolutions, Inc.

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