AC-13: New Seminar – Award Winning Gimmicks and Gadgets by CWEA Members

How do we encourage innovation in our industry and what does the future of wastewater treatment look like? Find out in these new and innovative classes. On Wednesday afternoon we’re honored to welcome several recent CWEA Gimmick and Gadget award winners to present their award winning idea as well as describe how they find creative ways to solve problems at the treatment plant.

Featured speakers include: Leonard Pompa, Delta Diablo Sanitary District; Michael Reilly, City of Santa Cruz and Trevor Ray, City of San Luis Obispo. Tom Herlihy, Union Sanitary District, will wrap-up the session with a wider discussion on how YOU can be more innovative at work. His presentation is titled “How You Too Can Build a Better Mousetrap and Get Paid for It”. Don’t miss these great presentations!

Moderator Peter Gaines, City of Burlingame

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