AC 2015: NY Times Article on Wipes Highlights Growing Crisis in Sewers. California Summit Planned for Annual Conference

credit: NY TimesAn article about nondispersible wipes in the New York Times last week is focusing attention on the growing crisis of wipes clogging pipes and pumps in sewers around the world.

In the last five years alone New York City has spent $18 million clearing wipes out of their system. The amount of trash removed by bar screens from New York City’s wastewater has doubled.

The dank clusters, graying and impenetrable, gain mass like demon snowballs as they travel. Pumps clog. Gears falter… [New York City] is not alone. Wet wipes, which do not disintegrate the way traditional toilet paper does, have plagued Hawaii and AlaskaWisconsinand California. Sewer systems have been stuffed in Portland, Ore., and Portland, Me.

A City Council bill, which has the backing of the administration of Mayor Bill de Blasio, was introduced last month to prohibit advertising certain moist wipes as flushable. The environmental department has begun work on a public awareness campaign concerning the importance of proper wipe disposal: throwing them in the trash.

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Ready to debate California’s response to the nondispersible wipes crisis? Join CWEA and CASA for the California ‘What2Flush’ Summit on Friday, May 1st. part of the Annual Conference.

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