CWEA President's Invite to AC16: 'California is where the action is in water'

One Water. One California — Water has always been vital and highly valued in California.

That’s why the Ohlone Indians in the Santa Clara area (host city of the CWEA Annual Conference) took advantage of it and lived by all the fresh water creeks and streams draining to the San Fransisco Bay before the Europeans arrived. There were disputes over water between Mission Santa Clara residents and those of nearby Pueblo De San Jose as early as 1777, at the founding of the City and Mission of Santa Clara.

Given the recent drought, water has never been as highly valued in California as it is now. As a result we are seeing a flurry of activity with dozens of water and wastewater agencies and cities working hard to put together an unprecedented number of recycled water projects.

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California is where the action is in water. No longer is water viewed as a disposable commodity to be used once, cleaned up and sent to the bay. Now we have to find new ways to reuse our One Water in order to optimize this most precious resource and preserve the State as One California.

The technology to do this is developing at an incredibly fast pace and the water industry is changing before our very eyes. CWEA is up to the challenge to provide educational opportunities at AC16 for you to learn about all the new water reuse technologies from MBRs to Groundwater Recharge.

Whether it’s MBR, SBR, IPR, DPR, RO, GWI or a myriad of other alphabet soup acronyms, you will find relevant content here at CWEA’s Annual Conference 2016. Of course this content will be brought to you in an interactive fashion which engages the audience and enhances learning. We call this 21st Century Learning Techniques.

I can’t wait to get the festivities started and am so glad you decided to join me. From the Pre-Conference workshops to the super exciting speakers at the General Opening Session, to the Technical sessions, to the special General Manager meeting, to the tours at Levi Stadium and other exciting places, to the Golf Tournament and lunches, to the fascinating Exhibits, all the way to the Awards Luncheon on Friday. This is going to be a wild, exciting and educational ride. Staff and volunteers, led by our own Greg Chung and Julie Taylor, are “working their petticoats to a frazzle” in preparation for your arrival. I can’t thank them enough.

This is going to be the most exciting “One Water” event of the year where professional development, leadership and education are highlighted. You’ll meet the most knowledgeable and fun people in the industry dedicated to sharing their knowledge and expertise to help the next generation excel and achieve greater feats than ever before. I look forward to seeing you there!

Phil Scott
CWEA President 2015-2016

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