AC2015: Where will we get the water we need?

Imagine a future where every Californian and visitor to California understands and values our water, thus ensuring a sustainable future. Water is sustainable development. Water is our world. Water is health. Water is nature. Water is urbanization. Water is industry. Water is energy. Water is food. Water is equality. Water is our world.

Managing urban and rural areas of California is an important development challenge for the 21st Century. Thousands of miles of pipes makes up California’s water infrastructure. Agencies operating Water Resource Recovery Facilities (formerly known as publicly owned treatment works) will be crucial to our water supply future.

Join us  April 29th at 8 am at the Opening General Session of CWEA’s Annual Conference as we discuss Crafting Water for California’s future with the following water professional leaders:

  • Celeste Cantu, Executive Director, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
  • John Helminski, Public Utilities Director, City of San Diego
  • Assembly member Anthony Rendon (Via Skype)
  • Jim-Fiedler, Chief Operating Officer for the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Water Utility Enterprise

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