ALERT: Phishing Attacks Targeting Member Associations

EMAIL SCAM ALERT: The Water Environment Federation has made us aware of an email Phishing attack that has been targeted against some WEF Member Associations. At this time, WEF knows of four Member Associations that have received an email that looks like it is coming from their President’s email requesting money be wired.  Unfortunately, one Member Association (MA) thought it was legit and followed through with a wire transfer.  The FBI and the bank told them that Associations are being targeted.  Scammers can find your President and Treasurers information on the MA website, making these attacks more believable.  Please be aware of this and take extra steps to vet requests of this nature with your board before moving forward.

Below is an email that was targeted at the Virginia WEA. Thankfully, they were able to recognize this as a scam and did not transfer the funds. We are sharing this message with Local Sections and all members to ensure they do not fall for these kinds of attacks.

Subject: Urgent

I need you to do a wire of $3,500 to the below account. Please let it be coded admin expense.
Kindly let me know as soon as transfer is done and send me a transfer confirmation in reply.

Account #: 338382021
Bank Address: Burnsville, MN 55337
Routing #: 291074722

John McGettigan, President

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