Ann Heil Receives Life-Time Achievement Award from WSPPN

Ann Heil of LACSD and Past CWEA Board member, receives lifetime achievement award from WSPPN

It is no surprise that Ann Heil from the Los Angeles County Sanitation District received a Life-Time Achievement Award from WSPPN during the 2013 P2 Awards Luncheon held on October 30 during the 2013 Used Oil & HHW Conference.  Ann has recently been reassigned away from pollution prevention at Los Angeles County.  She will sorely be missed on the WSPPN Advisory Board and by many in the P2 community. WSPPN was delighted to award Ann Heil with the Life-Time Achievement Award and we wish her all the success in her future sustainability adventures. See WSPPN for a full list of  her achievements and additional information.

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