It's Wastewater Awards Season

The 2015 applications are now available online at State and local section nominations will only be accepted on the downloadable forms. Mark your calendars with your Local Section deadlines and help get the word out! The Awards Policy is also online if you need a quick recap of how CWEA and the Local Sections manage the awards.

Participating in the CWEA awards program is well worth it:

• Acknowledges team and individual excellence. Boosts employee morale and agency pride. Celebrates and recognizes good work.

• Benchmarks accomplishments in the field.

• Analyzes and evaluates annual progress.

• Raises organizational profile in the community – and with ratepayers, public officials and board members.

• Gives the media something constructive to report. Free positive publicity.

• Increases results and productivity through friendly competition.

• Attracts and retains talent. Adds a vote of confidence for new hires. Helps identify best candidates.

• Reinforces agency and sector direction. Adds credibility to claims of excellence in regards to environmental record, public health or employee safety, among many others

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