Blue Frog system digests organic sludge

In a recent article posted in the Environment Leader, CWEA member Chris Tyhurst,  Supervisor for the Montague Water & Sewer Department discusses a wastewater treatment system installed by the city of Montague to help eliminate built-up sludge using the Blue Frog System at the city’s Water & Sewer Department treatment facility. The technology has already begun the process of digesting organic sludge that was built-up in Montague’s lagoons.

The traditional method of managing sludge involves dredging lagoons mechanically and disposing of the “biosolids” on farmland, or sending to a landfill. However, these practices are running into increased regulatory restrictions due to the concerns about what is contained in the biosolids, including chemicals, toxic metals and other pathogens.

“We were faced with odor problems as well as a significant sludge buildup in our primary ponds,” said Chris Tyhurst, Supervisor for the Montague Water & Sewer Department, in a statement. “We were planning on having them dredged, which is quite expensive.

“We are hopeful that we will see a substantial reduction in our sludge levels and odor problems in Pond 1. If all goes as planned, the Frogs should continue to digest the incoming load and keep the sludge level at a minimum for many years to come.”

View the full article to see how the Blue Frogs work.

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