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Source: Santa Clara Valley News: “Bottoms Up! Purified Recycled Water is Safe to Drink”

After 15 months of intensive water quality testing and systems monitoring, test results show that highly purified water produced from treated wastewater is just as safe to drink as regular tap water.

Silicon Valley Advanced Water Purification Center (SVAWPC) engaged in an extensive demonstration research project over the last year and half on direct potable reuse. As part of the Santa Clara Valley Water District’s Potable Reuse Demonstration project, a Test Plan was developed to thoroughly investigate the performance of each component of the advanced purification process (microfiltration, reverse osmosis, and ultraviolet disinfection) at the SVAWPC. It also evaluated an additional treatment process — advanced oxidation, which was added to the ultraviolet disinfection treatment component and used for further testing production of purified water for potable reuse. Advanced oxidation works with the ultraviolet light treatment process and together these two processes provide robust disinfection and removal of contaminants of emerging concern.

Over a 15-month period, 284 different constituents were tested every three months, and 4,000 total water quality samples were collected and analyzed. What did the results show?

  • All purification processes at the SVAWPC exhibited excellent performance.
  • Purification processes exhibited excellent removal of pathogens and contaminants of emerging concern, such as pharmaceuticals and endocrine disruptors.
  • Purified water produced by the SVAWPC with advanced oxidation meets or exceeds all California drinking water standards, including all potable reuse regulations for groundwater replenishment.
  • New ways of monitoring were proven to accurately verify the removal of pathogens and contaminants.
  • Critical Control Points, which are parameters that will ensure highest water quality, were identified.

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