Bruce Zimmerman, CWEA Member Obituary

We are so sad to share the news Bruce Zimmerman has passed away. Bruce was a member of CWEA and WEF for 25 years and served as Chief Operating Officer for Coomb-Hopkins, a manufacturers rep firm with a long history of serving water and wastewater utilities in California, Arizona and Utah.

Bruce was always there for CWEA members and always willing to help. He was frequently seen at CWEA events and conferences throughout the state and always willing to lend his support. We appreciate his dedication to fellow water and wastewater professionals and we will remember his legacy as someone who genuinely cared about the men and women who work on California’s water and wastewater systems. Thank you Bruce for all you’ve done! – CWEA Staff

An announcement from Coombs-Hopkins…

Our great friend Bruce Zimmerman lost his heroic battle with cancer Saturday morning. He was comforted by the love of his family, his faith in God and the comfort of knowing he was destined for a glorious place in the kingdom of heaven. It is impossible to put into words all that we are feeling by the loss of such a great person, family man and dear friend.

The response we received after sending our most recent notice of Bruce being placed into hospice has been remarkable. It is a testament to the man he was and the impact he had on so many, both in and out of the business world. He was a man who lived his faith, led by example and always conducted his personal and business dealings with honesty and integrity. A true gentleman.

We are going to miss our friend Bruce even more than we realize today. His absence leaves a void in our hearts and in our daily lives. His selfless nature and good cheer will be missed. The mold was broken and we shall never see another quite like him. God bless you dear friend. We love and miss you.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a contribution to the following. These causes were very near and dear to Bruce’s heart.

Tri-City Christian School
303 North Emerald Drive
Vista, CA 92083
Please note on check “Building Fund”


North Coast Church
2405 North Santa Fe
Vista, CA 92084
Please note on check “Eleven/Twelve Mission Trips”

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