Burbank's Earth Day Celebration

Burbank’s Annual Arts Festival was held on April 19-20 in beautiful downtown Burbank, California with a fun Earth Day celebration held on Saturday. Booths lined San Fernando Boulevard from Magnolia Boulevard and Angeleno Avenue, featuring a wide variety of artwork, paintings, sculptures, drawings and jewelry. Artists drew chalk animations on San Fernando Boulevard which included animated characters such as the Pink Panther, Fung Fu Panda and Mickey Mouse, circa his early “Steamboat Willy” days. Some exhibits included animation which can be seen in some of the highest grossing films.  This event attracted folks from the surrounding counties of Los Angeles to include Ventura County and Orange County. Burbank’s website “Downtown Burbank” noted over 12,000 visitors had attended this event.

Helen Brown, Laboratory Technician at United Water and Grade I Laboratory Certification holder and Valerie Leone, Industrial Source Reduction and Control Program (ISRCP) Manager at United Water and Grade IV Environmental Compliance Inspector at the entrance of the Earth Day tent accompanied by the robot made out of e-waste. The head of the robot was a t.v. screen which announced the next e waste event. At the bottom of the picture is Nokia, the robot’s e-waste dog made out of recycled cell phones. Behind Helen is an easel which has all of the mini Earth Day workshops posted.

Volunteers from United Water’s Burbank Project: Valerie Leone, Brian Lewin, and Helen Brown teamed up with the city to promote the city’s Earth Day celebration. The tent for hosting Earth Day was located on Palm Ave with the entrance at the middle of  San Fernando Boulevard. Visitors were greeted by a speaking robot made from e-waste accompanied by Nokia, his e-waste cell phone dog, crafted to flow with the Arts Festival spirit. Along the length of the left side of the tent, next to a recycling educational table, a “wall” was created by tying together 433 plastic grocery bags. Recycling Specialist, Ferris Kawar stated that this is the average amount of grocery bags used per person per year. Glendale and Los Angeles have already implemented bans on them and Burbank is looking into its own ban. United Water volunteers demonstrated storm water pollution prevention using an “earth-scape” of Burbank.  This “earth-scape” had been created by Kreigh Hampel, Recycling Coordinator for Burbank.  Major streets are listed along with schools and the POTW. The model shows storm drains connecting to the Lockheed Channel and the Western Burbank Channel which then go to the Los Angeles River and finally the Long Beach Harbor. Pollutants added to the model were shown to travel the storm drains to the channels when it rains (using a squirt bottle for rain). This model provided a very strong visual for pollution prevention. United Water volunteers helped the city with promoting their Sewer Lateral User Rebate Program (SLURP) by showing damage from tree roots in poster form and handing out rebate brochures. United Water Volunteers also helped the city promote its semi-annual Drug Take Back Day which will be held this Saturday.

Brian Lewin, CWEA Grade III Environmental Compliance Inspector handing out a Sewer Lateral Use Rebate Program (SLURP) brochure. A program offered by Burbank for residents. The poster illustrates tree roots and the problems they cause.

Valerie Leone illustrating how storm water pollution reaches storm drains and goes into the Western Burbank Channel and then to the Los Angeles River and finally to Long Beach Harbor. It was a great opportunity to educate folks about keeping medicines out of the landfill and out of the sewer system.

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