Can you imagine a day without water?

Imagine A Day Without Water is a national campaign to engage stakeholders, public officials, and the general public about how water is essential, invaluable, and needs investment. On September 15, 2016, hundreds of organizations across the country will host events, author resolutions, take to social media, and more, to show why water is important to our economies, jobs, communities, environment, and daily lives.

There are many ways to participate and to educate your stakeholders and citizens – through events, online engagement, school curriculum, and partnering with organizations inside and beyond the water sector. Everyone has a water story.

Use this sample email which also has links to valuable tools for the campaign such as:

  • Are you a water-reliant business or labor group – a restaurant or brewery, a hotel chain or labor group, a manufacturer or a farmer? Participate on social media (shareable tweets and graphics coming soon!) and consider writing an op-ed in your local newspaper.
  • Are you an elected official? Issue a resolution affirming your community’s support for safe, reliable, accessible water.
  • Are you a water sector utility or agency? Open your facilities to elected leaders, the media, or students for tours or hold a press event.
  • Are you a school or educator? Consider hosting an art competition among young students, or have students talk about how water matters to their futures and career paths.



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