CAP Report Details Opportunities to Upgrade and Maintain Nation’s Wastewater and Drinking Water Infrastructure

The Center for American Progress (CAP) featured an October 2012 article on “How to Upgrade and Maintain Our Nation’s Wastewater and Drinking Water Infrastructure.” The CAP report details the current state of our water infrastructure problems, explains who owns and operates these systems, and argues why projected funding levels are insufficient. The report also provides reforms to help address the systems’ failures, including:

  • Immediately increasing allocations to state revolving loan funds;
  • Encouraging adoption of smarter investment strategies to stretch every dollarfurther;
  • Promoting the use of more energy-efficient technologies and practices at drinking-water and wastewater facilities;
  • Pushing for lower-cost solutions for water-quality and treatment challenges.

CAP concludes that If these policies are adopted and supported at the local, state, and federal levels, the nation could make significant progress toward ensuring that America’s water systems are brought into a state of repair befitting the world’s largest economy.

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