CASQA Recognizes Excellence in Stormwater Quality Management

The California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) will present six awards at its tenth annual CASQA Stormwater Conference awards luncheon at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in Garden Grove, Calif. CASQA’s annual conference is held each year for experts in the stormwater field and includes an awards program recognizing creative approaches, outstanding projects, best practices and exemplary accomplishments in the field of stormwater quality management.

“The CASQA Awards Committee evaluated the creativity and innovation of organizations as they addressed stormwater and environmental challenges in their communities,” said Jeff Endicott, CASQA Awards Program Chairman. “These award recipients embody creativity and sustainability in stormwater management. CASQA wishes to recognize their success, innovation and dedication to the improvement of stormwater quality in California. We strive to recognize greatness where it occurs”

This year’s award recipients will receive recognition for excellence in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Local Stormwater BMP Implementation Award – City of Aliso Viejo- Wood Canyon Emergent Wetland Project

The city constructed the Wood Canyon wetland habitat to collect storm drain runoff from 298 acres of residential areas and restore the pristine nature of the Wood Canyon Creek area. Native plant species used in the Wood Canyon project enhanced water quality, flood control and channel protection for the creek.

  • Outstanding Regional Stormwater BMP Implementation Award – City of Ontario- Mill Creek Wetlands Project

Mill Creek Wetlands is a regional water quality treatment facility that treats both wet weather and dry weather flows in the Prado Basin using natural wetland processes to address sediment, metals, bacteria and nutrients. The project enacts a regional approach to water quality enhancement in Prado Basin, improving groundwater quality for downstream water users while protecting the viability of native habitat.

  • Outstanding Programmatic Stormwater BMP Implementation Award – Orange County Transportation Authority- Orange County M2 Environmental Cleanup Program 

The program improved water quality in Orange County by mitigating transportation-related pollution through allocating additional county funds on a countywide, competitive basis. Funds supplemented existing transportation-related water quality programs and supported watershed-based planning and implementation efforts. Numerous projects funded by the program addressed stormwater issues such as roadway litter, storm drain pollution and wetland construction.

  • Outstanding Sustainable Stormwater Project Award–City of Los Angeles – Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation Project

This innovative project restored the iconic lake within the surrounding 29-acre scenic Echo Park. The project not only captures and treats dry- and wet-weather runoff in an effort to conserve water and enhance quality, but it also enhances the natural habitat and recreational space in the urban core of Los Angeles.

  • Outstanding Local Stormwater News, Information, Outreach and Media Award – City of MalibuKeep it Clean Campaign

Keep it Clean is a multi-platform educational campaign designed to positively and proactively encourage people to think about polluted runoff that enters storm drains and harms the ocean environment. A local artist painted murals depicting ocean wildlife and rain gardens around four storm drains. Four public service announcement videos helped viewers see the effects of their harmful land activities on the ocean through the unpleasant experiences of a mermaid.

  • Outstanding Regional Stormwater News, Information, Outreach and Media Award – Bay Area Stormwater Management Agencies Association Be the Street Public Education Program

Be the Street encouraged youth to take ownership of the state of their community and actively shape their environment. The program asked individuals to take action to clean up and invigorate their surroundings to improve the local environment. Messaging was sent through the campaign website, e-newsletters, social media and events.

CASQA’s tenth annual Stormwater Conference is held this week at the Hyatt Regency Orange County in Garden Grove, Calif. This year’s conference, Urban Stormwater Management: Integrated, Innovative and Green, will offer training workshops, presentations, and exhibits designed to benefit those working with municipal, industrial and construction NPDES stormwater permits.

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