City of Folsom provides tips on improving practice with the waste discharge requirement

Todd Eising, Utilities Section Manager & Marcus Yasutake Environmental and Water Resources Director, City of Folsom provided these helpful tips and reminders on improving practice with the Sanitary Sewer Systems Waste Discharge Requirements (the SSS WDRs).

Ten years ago, the City of Folsom began implementing proactive operations and maintenance programs to better manage our Sanitary Sewer System.

Looking back over the 10 years of the waste discharge requirement (WDR), several things stand out. The requirements of the WDR are strategies that agencies should implement as part of the normal operations of the sewer system. These strategies will help agencies achieve compliance with the WDR.

An excellent tool that helps the City be proactive is to utilize the Audit Questionnaire that the State Board uses prior to an audit. I recommend filling out the Questionnaire as a test to see how an Agency is operating its system. Agencies should note the deficiencies in their answers and take the proactive steps for improvement.

Another recommendation is to keep an open dialog with your Regional Water Quality Control Board.

The City also recommends that Agencies have close communications between engineering and operations to make sure projects and improvements are coordinated.

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