City of SLO’s Lab Produces Hand Sanitizer for Utility Workers

Left to right: Matthew Anderson, Tanner Duncan, Joe O’Donnell, Richard Novick, Christina Claxton, City of San Luis Obispo.

City of San Luis Obispo
Matt Anderson, Lab Manager


  • 2/3 isopropyl alcohol (99.9%)
  • 1/3 aloe vera juice (100%)
  • Gives us an alcohol concentration of 67%.

For a 1-liter batch the formula is:

  • 667mL isopropyl alcohol
  • 333mL aloe vera juice

Notes: this is a liquid sanitizer, not a gel. We also made batches with essential oils such as lemongrass and lavender. The most popular sanitizer is the unscented, plain version.


About the Author

Matthew Anderson

City of San Luis Obispo Utilies

Matthew is the Lab Manager at the Water Resource Recovery Facility, part of the City of San Luis Obispo's Utilities Department.

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