Collection System Professional Profile: Dave Alaskin

Dave Alaskin, Sanitation District Maintenance and Operations Supervisor, Sacramento Area Sewer District

Dave A. Alaskin
Sanitation District Maintenance & Operations Supervisor
Sacramento Area Sewer District 

How did you get your first job in the wastewater sector? 

I got my first job in the wastewater industry as an intermittent employee to help out in Sacramento’s busy season and got picked up as a permanent employee seven months later. I have been with the Sacramento Area Sewer District for 19 years now. 

How did you get involved as a CWEA volunteer? What do you enjoy about being a volunteer? 

I got involved as a CWEA volunteer by talking to other members and looking at the “Events” calendar to see what sparked my interest. I enjoy being a volunteer for opportunity to meet and compare job specs with fellow Wastewater Professionals and the sense of pride that I get being able to help out with various projects that are going on in the industry. 

What does it mean to you being a certified Collection System professional?  

Being a certified Collection System professional brings a whole new level of confidence & trust in knowing that the professionals that I deal / work with, have proven their knowledge in the industry. 

Why is it important for the profession? 

The need to continue to learn about the job and stay educated on current compliance & regulation Is why Certification is important to the industry. 

Advice for test takers? 

My advice to anybody looking to get certified or working on advancing their grade level is to study the relevant material that we have put together for the CSM Exams. I strongly advise asking for help if you get stuck. There are plenty of people & tools around to help you with studying for the exam. No reason to do it alone. 

Is there something you think is surprising most people don’t know about the Collection System profession you’d like to share? 

If you are new to the wastewater sector, I recommend getting involved with other coworkers, departments & agencies to stay up to speed with current practices and regulations of Collection System Maintenance & Operations within the State. Doing more and being more involved will be beneficial to getting ahead and being a successful wastewater professional. 

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