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Ddaze-9875On April 29th the California Water Environment Association (CWEA) announced the winners of its 2015 awards program at its Annual Conference in Santa Clara on April 29.  It was an energetic day as the final hours of the Annual Conference were coming to a close. Saving the best for last, we congratulated some very deserving agencies and individuals by recognizing them for their outstanding achievements within the water environment field.

CWEA’s awards program has grown each year to acknowledge outstanding achievement in more than 20 categories honoring exceptional California water environment professionals, collection systems, treatment plants, community outreach and so much more.  Categories include Plant of the Year, Collection System of the Year, Community Engagement & Outreach Program of the Year as well as awards of individual professionals in various vocations. The program seeks to recognize outstanding achievements within the water environment field, improve the professional status of all personnel working in the field, and stimulate public awareness of the importance of wastewater treatment to public health and the water environment.

Nominations that advance through CWEA’s 17 local sections’ awards programs are eligible to compete statewide. Congratulations to all the nominees of the 2015 awards program for their diligent work to keep California’s water clean and workforce strong. Application materials for the 2015 awards cycle will be posted online in July.

CWEA officers are available to make a presentation to CWEA award recipients at agency board or City Council meetings.  Please contact Victoria Thornton, at or (510) 382-7800 x 113.

CWEA 2015 Awards Winners

5S Society

  • Arvind Akela
  • Chuck Greely
  • Rashi Gupta
  • Eric Hansen
  • Mickey Hulstrom
  • Steve Jepsen
  • Ian Mackenzie
  • Vivien Malig
  • Garry Parker
  • Sergio Ramirez
  • John Simonetti
  • Brian Villacorta

Collection System of the Year (0-249 Miles)

  • Goleta Sanitary District

Collection System of the Year (250-500 Miles)

  • City of Merced

Collection System of the Year (Over 500 Miles)

  • Irvine Ranch Water District

Collection System Person of the Year

  • Jose Mendez, City of Los Angeles

Crystal Crucible

  • Veronica Gummo
  • Ronn Coss
  • Josie Tellers

Electrical/Instrumentation Person of the Year

  • Casey Larsen, San Elijo Joint Powers Authority

Engineering Achievement

  • Santa Margarita Water District, Gobernadora Multipurpose Basin

Research Achievement

  • City of Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, Terminal Island WRP Advanced Water Purification Facility Expansion Project Advanced Oxidation Process Bench and Pilot Testing

Gimmicks & Gadgets

  • 1st Place: Leonard Pompa, Delta Diablo Sanitation District
  • 2nd Place: Travis Fisher, Ojai Valley Sanitation District
  • 3rd Place: Steve Krautheim, Novato Sanitary District

Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship

  • Vincent Barton
  • Dominique Bertrand
  • Amy Pedigo Calderwood
  • Paige Hermanson
  • Leslie Rios
  • Michael Simpson
  • Coral Taylor

Laboratory Person of the Year

  • Scott Jacobs, City of Modesto

Mechanical Technician

  • Dominic “Bruno” Bronozzi, Olivenhain MWD

Operator of the Year

  • Walter Walsh, Silicon Valley Clean Water

P3S Facility of the Year

  • Large South: Sorenson Engineering, Inc.
  • Certificates of Merit for Outstanding Achievement: Bridge Publications, Inc. & E/M Coating Services

P3S Person of the Year

  • Mary Jo Ramey, Central Marin Sanitation Agency


  • Anton Loof, Oratech Controls, Inc.

Plant of the Year, 5-20 MGD

  • Napa Sanitation District

Plant of the Year, Greater than 20 MGD

  • Encina Water Pollution Control Facility

Plant of the Year, Less than 5MGD

  • Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency

Plant Safety, Medium

  • Encina Wastewater Authority

Plant Safety, Small

  • City of Los Angeles – Department of Public Works, Glendale Wastewater Reclamation Plant

Community Engagement and Outreach Person of the Year

  • Susan Hiestand, Silicon Valley Clean Water

Community Engagement and Outreach, Small

  • Selma Kingsburg Fowler County Sanitation District

Supervisor of the Year

  • Nick Becker, Napa Sanitation District

CWEA/Water Environment Federation Awards

Arthur Sidney Bedell

  • Nick Arhontes, Retired OCSD

George W. Burke Award

  • Encina Wastewater Authority

Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award

  • Scott Jacobs, City of Modesto

Quarter Century Operators Club

  • Polly Villarreal, East Bay Municipal Utility District

WEF  Life Membership

  • Fran E. Forkas
  • Max E. Burchett
  • Raymond Yep
  • Robert Gillette
  • Mike Coony
  • Rudy Tekippe

CWEA Quarter Century Recognition Program

  • Greg Orsini
  • Tim Latham
  • Mickey Hulstrom
  • Ken Merkle
  • John Simonetti
  • Dan Gallagher
  • Michael Kavanaugh
  • Paul Carney
  • Polly Villarreal
  • Steven Dominguez
  • Tifton Gantt
  • Teresa Herrera
  • Mark Goss
  • Bob Orr
  • Chris Cannizzaro
  • Delores Trebotich
  • Heather Ross
  • Jay Alsbury
  • John Boyson
  • Jim Graham
  • Jeff Lee
  • Jesse McGraw
  • John Raber
  • Kyle Schrauben
  • Lee Wright
  • Mark Begin
  • Michael White
  • Paul Bancroft
  • Phyllis Powers
  • Randy Curtis
  • Ross Johnson
  • Richard Solbrig
  • Simon Watson
  • Conrad Newberry
  • Mike Selna
  • Adel Hagekhali
  • David Jones
  • Jim Stahl
  • Dave Bachtel
  • Farhana Mohamed
  • Slavica Hammond
  • Benita Horn
  • Grace Hyde
  • Patrick Griffith
  • Traci Minamide
  • Satish Kamath
  • Dan Gary
  • Jeff Valdes
  • Luis Astorga
  • Robert Tourney
  • Ronnie Williams
  • Sebastian Ramirez
  • Terry Powers
  • Terry Weagley
  • Leon Schegg
  • Tabare Strada
  • Bob Lochride
  • Don Hollingsworth
  • Mike Workman
  • Timothy Buxton
  • Bob Sellards
  • James Rasmus
  • Bob Ghirelli
  • Mike Markus
  • Jim Herberg

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