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CWEA President Simon Watson

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Our Members Are Worth Celebrating

Dear Members and Colleagues,

What an honor it is to serve as your CWEA President. Much like WEF’s “Water’s Worth It” campaign, I believe CWEA Membership is Worth It.

Since joining CWEA in 1992 I’ve seen wonderful improvements in the services CWEA provides its members. My first certification test was taken with pencil and paper and was only offered twice a year. With the implementation of computer-based testing, it is now offered at your convenience in more than 50 locations across California.

The recent implementation of has taken us to a new level allowing easier online registration for state events, an improved member directory and the ability to see the contact hours you earn at CWEA educational events all in one place.

Our educational offerings are constantly evolving, changing from lecture style to interactive forums providing greater opportunity for collaboration and personal growth at every event.

We all face emerging challenges such as a severe drought, the drinking water and wastewater certification programs now housed together at the State Water Board, and constantly evolving regulations and technology.

CWEA volunteers and staff are working even harder to provide up-to-date and relevant information to assist you, so you can craft the future of clean water and meet those challenges.

We are accomplishing this through relationships we established over many years with state regulators, associations such as CASA, BACWA, SCAP, CVCWA and within our own membership. So when you are asked why CWEA Membership is Worth It, I believe it comes down to this: you are instantly connected with almost 10,000 water professionals who have the same goal of protecting our precious water.

We have a wealth of knowledge to share, connections to other industry experts, timely and relevant education, and professional certification.

In closing I want to thank you for being part of this wonderful association and whether you are a volunteer, attend a training event or just read our publications, you are what makes CWEA Membership Worth It!

Simon Watson
CWEA President 2014-2015
Senior Utility Performance
Consultant, Brown and Caldwell
Grade IV – Mech. Technologist Grade IV  – Collections Systems

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