CWEA and Partners Launch Website for Water Internships and Apprenticeships

CWEA and our partners Baywork, CASA and CA-NV AWWA are proud to launch a brand new website highlighting outstanding opportunities for internships, apprenticeships and operator-in-training positions in the California water profession. The internship website is sponsored by Water Career Pathways.

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For agencies and companies this means:

  1. Free listings for agencies and low cost listings for private companies ($100/listing)
  2. Listings can stay up for 1 full year
  3. Log-in to your account to manage your listings at any time
  4. Reach thousands of young people searching for a way into the CA water profession

Types of water jobs that can be posted:

  1. Internships
  2. Apprenticeships
  3. Operators-in-training

For people interested in a water career the site offers:

  1. One-stop shop for information on water careers – duties, skills, qualifications and pay
  2. Search and filter internship opportunities by field and location
  3. Sign-up for email alerts to get internship opportunities emailed to you
  4. The site is mobile compatible

In December 2017 CWEA hosted a launch webinar for agencies. Here are the presentations:

  1. Baywork Research on Internships in the Water Profession, Catherine Curtice, Vice Chair, Baywork
  2. Bridging the Gap Between Education and Industry, by Mark Mullen, Water Career Pathways, West Valley College

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