CWEA Awards Winners Announced

The California Water Environment Association (CWEA) announced the winners of its 2012 awards program at its Annual Conference in Palm Springs on April 19.  Congratulations to these agencies and individuals leading the way in the water environment field

Established in 1929, CWEA’s awards program has grown to acknowledge outstanding achievement in more than 20 categories honoring exceptional California water environment professionals, collection systems, and treatment plants.  Categories include Plant of the Year, Collection System of the Year, Public Education Program of the Year as well as awards of individual professionals in various vocations. The program seeks to recognize outstanding achievements within the water environment field, improve the professional status of all personnel working in the field, and stimulate public awareness of the importance of wastewater treatment to public health and the water environment.

Nominations that advance through CWEA’s 17 local sections’ awards programs are eligible to compete statewide. Congratulations to the nominees to the 2012 awards program for their diligent work to keep California’s water clean and workforce strong. Application materials for the 2013 awards cycle will be posted on in July.

CWEA officers are available to make a presentation to CWEA award recipients at agency board or City Council meetings.  Please contact Lola Dvorak, Communication and Membership Manager, at or (510) 382-7800 x 114.

CWEA 2012 Awards Winners

5S Society

  • Doug Boss from  RES
  • John Boyd from  LABS
  • Vicki Caulfield from  SAS
  • Kirk Clyod  from NSJS/CORBS
  • Tim Costello from SCVS
  • Giti Heravian from RES
  • Basil Hewitt from LABS
  • Steve Krautheim from  RES
  • Juan Martinez from  CORBS
  • Eric Nielsen from SAS
  • Sandra Ralston from WEF
  • Michael Simpson from LABS
  • Doug Wing from  RES

Collection System of the Year (0-249 Miles)

  • Costa Mesa Sanitary District

Collection System of the Year (250-500 Miles)

  • City of Glendale

Collection System of the Year (Over 500 Miles)

  • City of San Diego

Collection System Person of the Year

  • Jose Rodrigues, Union Sanitary District

Crystal Crucible

  • Virginia Godoy, City of Riverside

Electrical/Instrumentation Person of the Year

  • Jay Eason, County of Santa Cruz

Engineering Achievement

  • Orange County Sanitation District, Ocean Outfall Land Section and Ocean Outfall Booster Pump Station Piping Rehabilitation Project

Engineering Research Achievement

  • Orange County Sanitation District, Ocean Outfall Land Section and Ocean Outfall Booster Pump Station Piping Rehabilitation Project

Gimmicks & Gadgets

  • Ist Place: Jose Rodriguez Jr., Union Sanitary District, SSOETTS: Sanitary Sewer Overflow Estimation Technical Training System
  • 2nd Place: Michael Reilly, County of Santa Cruz, DPW, Sanitation Division, Velocity Measurement Device
  • 3rd Place: Trevor Ray, City of San Luis Obispo Water Reclamation Facility, Clarifier Baffle System & “Pop” Scraper

Golden Manhole

  • Beverly Stumman, Apex Companies, LLC
  • Duane Johnson, Affordable Pipeline Services

Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship

  • Ingrid Verastegui
  • Edward Couch
  • Michael Cunningham
  • Richard Fortado
  • Rosa Lau
  • Aydin Muziani
  • Devina Douglas

Laboratory Person of the Year

  • Christina Harshell, Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District

Mechanical Technician

  • Thomas Powell, South Bayside System Authority

Operator of the Year

  • Troy Bemisdarfer, Big Bear Area Regional Wastewater Agency

P3S Facility of the Year

  • Large North: Super Store Industries, Sunnyside Farms Dairy Division
  • Large South: Pioneer Circuits, Inc.
  • Certificates of Merit for Outstanding Achievement: ALCOA Global Fasteners, Inc.

P3S Person of the Year

  • Allen Grayson, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


  • Cleveland Porter, City of Antioch
  • Dennis Lambert, Rodeo Sanitary District
  • James Schofield, Union Sanitary District
  • Jed Beyer, West Bay Sanitary District
  • Jim Gusman, Santa Ana Watershed Project Authority
  • Ken Merkle, City of Stockton
  • Kirk Cloyd, City of Coachella
  • Lani Good, Hydroscience Engineers, Inc
  • Logan Olds, Victor Valley Wastewater Reclamation Authority
  • Robert Potter, City of Las Angeles
  • Tom Watkins, City of Stockton

Plant of the Year, 5-20 MGD

  • Delta Diablo Sanitation District

Plant of the Year, Greater than 20 MGD

  • Central Contra Costa Sanitary District

Plant of the Year, Less than 5MGD

  • Lake Arrowhead Community Services District, Grass Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant

Plant Safety, Medium

  • Encina Wastewater Authority

Plant Safety, Small

  • San Elijo Joint Powers Authority

Public Education Person of the Year

  • Jackie Davison, City of Sunnyvale

Public Education, Large

  • Wastewater Treatment Agencies of Marin County, Wastewater Treatment Agencies of Marin County Public Education Program

Public Education, Small

  • City of Sunnyvale,  Earth Care Kidz

Richard D. Pomeroy

  • Lenny Rather, Oro Loma SD

Supervisor of the Year

  • Marvin Gonzalez, Leucadia Wastewater District

CWEA/Water Environment Federation Awards

Arthur Sidney Bedell

  • David Greenwood, LA County Sanitation Districts

George W. Burke Award

  • San Elijo Joint Powers Authority

William D. Hatfield

  • Rick Staggs, City of Fresno

Laboratory Analyst Excellence Award

Christina Harshell, Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District

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