CWEA Kirt Brooks Scholarship Approves $22,000 for New Applicants

A 2017 total grant appropriation of $22,000 for the Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship Fund has been approved and is now accepting applications.

The Scholarship Fund is a grant-making program for students who are engaged in the water environment field and who are members of CWEA or sponsored by CWEA members. This is an increase of 10% from 2016. Find out how to apply for a 2017 scholarship at

Applications are due on January 15, 2017.

Learn more about the Scholarship Fund and download an application form at

“This scholarship has tremendously supported me in numerous ways. The financial support definitely eased my graduate school tuition costs. More importantly, I was encouraged by many professionals at the award luncheon, which motivated me to continue my education, research and career in this field. This prestigious scholarship also inspired me to switch from my master to doctoral program. I am proud to list this scholar on my CV as one of my achievements which I believe has brought me other fellowships, scholarships and awards as well as my current position as environmental engineering faculty at CSU, Long Beach.” – Pitiporn Asvapathanagul, Ph.D., 2009 Recipient

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