CWEA Member Beverli Marshall of Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside quoted in the Daily Journal

CWEA Member Beverli Marshall, General Manager of Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside was recently quoted in the Daily Journal about the recycled water treatment plant project in Half Moon Bay. Part of a collaboration between the city of Half Moon Bay, the Coastside County Water District and the Sewer Authority Mid-Coastside, which serves about 30,000 people from Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Miramar, Montara, Moss Beach and Princeton.

Although a treatment plant was initially considered almost a decade ago, the years-long drought may be bolstering renewed interest in making the most of the scarce resource.

“As all things in California, when water is plentiful we don’t always plan ahead. So I think the drought is bringing it up again; how important it is to use whatever resources we have more effectively. So that is, perhaps, why the conversation is starting up again. But the water industry as a whole, has always been looking at how do we use this valuable resource,” said Beverli Marshall, general manager of the sewer authority.

Under a joint powers agreement, a recycled water treatment plant would be located next to the sewage treatment plant on the authority’s Half Moon Bay property. The water district would be responsible for a conveyance system and selling as well as distributing the treated reuse to customers.

Ideally, the plant operations will be flexible enough to reduce output when demand is lower, Marshall said.

This week, the Half Moon Bay City Council agreed to offer up more money to fund the initial 25 percent design phase that will help determine the financial feasibility of treating recycled water on the coast.

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