CWEA member Nick Hansen, High Profile Wastewater Operator

Nick Hansen

Nick Hansen

CWEA member Nick Hansen, a wastewater treatment plant operator, was recently interviewed by Water Deeply, an independent digital media project dedicated to covering California’s water crisis. This interview with Nick is about the other side of our water use and how wastewater plants are helping with drought solutions, such as producing recycled water. Check out his interview, “Confessions of a Wastewater Operator.”

Nick was also recently profiled in our E-Bulletin about how he got involved in the industry and why he felt it necessary to start his own blog, a blog about recycled water, where to get it, how to haul it and lots of great ideas on how to use it and reuse it. “Residents in California had no idea where their wastewater goes after they use it once.” 

Shortly after we interviewed Nick, HuffPost quoted him in the article, “2015: The Year Recycled Water Became Cool.” I think it’s safe to say that Nick Hansen is on to something very cool! Thanks for being such a dedicated water professional, Nick!


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