CWEA Member & Past President, Robert Gillette, becomes WEF Life Member

Long time CWEA member and Past President Robert Gillette was recently awarded a WEF Lifetime Membership.

RobertGilletteGillette began his career as a regulator and then moved to SRCSD where he assisted in the development of many of the control strategies which are still in operation today.

In 1986, Robert joined Carollo Engineers opening their Sacramento office in 1987. As a Grade V wastewater operator, he has been known as a companywide resource for startup, troubleshooting, and operation evaluation.

Robert is most commonly known for his participation in industry professional organizations and his extensive Biosolids experience. He has held numerous offices within CWEA including the Presidency (’95). Robert served as the California Association of Sanitation Agencies Interim Biosolids Program Manager and has been actively involved in WEF including authoring many WEF manuals and papers on thickening and dewatering. He was involved with WERF projects as a principal investigator for a WERF Biosolids research project and has provided and participated in an incomparable amount of Operator training events over his career. He is also a recent recipient of the William D. Hatfield award (’14).

Robert retired in January 2014 ending his 40+ years in the wastewater industry.

Individuals who have been a member of WEF and one or more WEF Member Association for 35 or more consecutive years, and are at age 65 or older, are eligible to apply for WEF Life Membership. The WEF Life Membership application should be completed and sent to:

Nick Bardis
601 Wythe St.
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone:  (703) 684-2400 x7731
Fax: 703-684-2481

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