CWEA Members of City of Modesto, William Wong and Ben Koehler Discuss a New Pipeline to Help Farmers in the Drought on ABC 7 News

CWEA members from the City of Modesto Utility District, William Wong & Ben Koehler recently quoted on ABC 7 News (San Francisco).

City of Modesto’s recent $150 million upgrade is set to help Del Puerto Water District by making the treatment plant’s sewage recyclable for irrigating crops which have taken a big hit in the drought. Currently, the recycled water gets discharged into the San Joaquin River, or pools near the river. Under a new agreement, a $100 million pipeline will divert that water to farmers.

Senior Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Ben Koehler said, “What we are accomplishing here is taking raw wastewater and removing all the pollutants in order to produce clean effluent on the other end.”

“This will be one of the largest beneficial water reuse projects in the country,” said Wong.

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