CWEA Members Speaking at WEFTEC 2018, New Orleans

Be sure to catch your friends and co-workers presenting at WEFTEC.  These are just a few of the great California speakers and presentations. Be sure to check the WEFTEC app for more details.

Saturday CWEA Networking Dinner

CWEA members and their guest are $55pp for this networking dinner. Organized by the Santa Ana River Basin Section to help celebrate California’s Student Design Competition Team from UC Irvine.

Info flyer \ Registration link

Sunday Workshops

W22 WEF/WRF Building Resiliency and Reliability in Water Supplies: Why and How Should We Consider Some Planned Potable Reuse
Christopher Stacklin, OCSD

W23 Increasing Resource Recovery Through Concentrate Treatment
Case Study: Chino II Concentrate Reduction Facility (near ZLD)
Benjamin Armel, Jurupa Community Services District; Brandon Yallaly, Carollo

Sunday Student Design Competition

The team from UC Irvine competes at 10:35am in room 272/273


203 – Full Scale and Demonstration Scale Primary Filtration Projects Show Great Promise
Onder Caliskaner, Kennedy/Jenks; Phil Ackman, Bruce Mansell, LACSD

208 – Pretreatment of Swine Manure for Downstream Polyhydroxyalkanoate Production
Ryan Yamamoto, Mohamed Abdelaziz, UC Davis

220 – Novel EPP Media Makes Primary Biofiltration Possible for Primary Treatment Applications at Scales up to 198 MGD, Reducing Footprints by 80%
Jon Liberzon, Tomorrow Water (BKT)


326 – Take it to the Limit: Modeling and Design Approaches to TMDL Compliance
Thomas Sinclair, City of Modesto

328 – Enhanced Wastewater Source Control: Proactive and Real-Time Monitoring Helps Enforcement and Improves Water Quality
Penny Carlo, Kristel Kranz, Carollo

408 – Stink, Crumble, and Burp: Modeling and Mitigating Sewer Odors and Corrosion
Michael Sarullo, Amy So, LA Sanitation, City of Los Angeles

413 – Translating Complex Hydraulic Modeling Into Useful Operating Strategies and Design Criteria for Peak Wet Weather Events at the San Jose/Santa Clara RWF
Dilip Gargeya, Stantex; Lauren Starosta, Jan Davel, CDM Smith; Kapit Verma, San Jose-Santa Clara Regional Wastewater Facility

415 – Cleaning Up Machado Lake: Coastal Wetland Revival in Los Angeles
Katherine Doherty, Andy Flores, LA Sanitation, City of Los Angeles

421 – Battery Energy Storage Systems for Water and Wastewater Utilities
Dr. Carla Cherchi, Stantec; Mohammad Badruzzaman, Stantec

422 – Myth vs. Fact: Microplastics in Wastewater and Potential Policy Implications, Shelly Walther, LACSD

419 – Los Angeles’ Transition From Non-Potable Reuse to Potable Reuse Through Ozone, Biological Activated Carbon, and Soil Aquifer Treatment
Roshanak Aflaki, LA Sanitation, City of Los Angeles; Wendy Broley, Brown & Cadlwell

425 – Improving DPR Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessments Using Extensive New Pathogen Monitoring Datasets
Mitchel Bartolo and Brian Pecson, Trussell Technologies

NOCC-269 – The Echowater Project: Leveraging Technology To Enhance Project Delivery
Ron Perkins, HDR; Christa Brown, Brown & Caldwell

NOCC-267 – Building Support for Water Reuse: Engaging the Community During the Design and Construction of a $110M AWPF
Pete Brown and Lyndsey Bloxom, WRD

NOCC-268 – Designing a Helping Hand for Arcata Natural System, City of Arcata Wastewater Treatment Facility
Doug Wing, Carollo;

NOCC-257 306 – Using Off-Gas Analysis To Quantify Load Imbalances in Nominally Identical Parallel Activated Sludge Trains
Sam Relfsnyder, UC Irvine; Phil Ackman, LACSD and Nikos Melitas, LACSD

400 – So It Used to Be Water: #GetOverIt!
Elanor Torres, Gina Ayala, OCWD


510 – Let There Be UV Light: The Resurrection of Old UV Systems Through Evaluation and Maintenance
Bill Sotirakos, Carollo; Jeffrey Blaine, City of Santa Fe

518 – Trailblazing: Ventura’s Path To Become the First DPR System in California
Gina Dorrington, Ventura Water; Dr. Elisa Garvey Carollo

526 – Developing a Revision to the Lake Elsinore Nutrient TMDL After 10 Years of Project Implementation and Continuous Watershed and Lake Water Quality Monitoring Using a Reference Watershed Approach
Steven Wolosoff, CDM Smith; Richard Meyerhoff, GEI Constulatns

609 – A Clean Start and a Closed Loop: Roseville’s Organics-to-Vehicle-Fuel Story
Alison Nojima, Brown & Cadlwell; Ken Glotzbach, City of Roseville

607 – Finding Success in Maintenance Through Implementation of Predictive Maintenance Program
Francis Concemino, Rick Mykitta, IEUA

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