CWEA Quoted in Modesto Bee over Gold Found in Sewer

There’s gold in them thar sewers. Three sanitation workers pawned $2,500 worth of jewelry found in Modesto sewer lines. Police are currently investigating whether or not the employees committed a crime by selling the mangled gold for personal profit. The Modesto Bee‘s coverage included input from Carrie Mattingly, CWEA President and San Luis Obispo’s director of utilities.

CWEA President Mattingly commented:

Mattingly said the sulfuric acid produced by decomposing sewage eats away at the metal jewelry. And the action of the high-pressure hose used to clean sewer lines can produce the same effect on jewelry as placing it in a blender on high.

“It’s rare to find jewelry or a necklace that is recognizable,” she said.

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The story was later picked up by ABC News and the Huffington Post.

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