Do you see a connection with water and energy? Read USC Engineering Professor interview with the Desert Sun

Kelly Sanders, engineering professor at the University of Southern California, specializes in water and energy and was recently interviewed by the Desert Sun about water, energy and what that means in an election year. She was recognized in Forbes’ Magazine’s “30 under 30: Today’s disrupters and tomorrow’s brightest stars” in 2012, when she was getting her Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. Check out the article here where she discusses the global water crisis and the importance of clean energy for high quality water.

“Energy and water share a close relationship. An abundant energy supply requires ample water resources, whether it be generating electricity, producing oil, natural gas or biofuels, or transporting energy from where it is produced to where we consume it. Likewise, energy is critical to our water supply. The global water crisis is really a global energy crisis. If we had infinite clean energy supplies, we could move and treat water to any location, at any quality. Unfortunately, climate change disrupts the hydrological cycle. Wet periods will be wetter and dry periods will be drier. While these trends obviously impact water availability, floods, droughts and extreme storms have already threatened energy infrastructure and production around the world.”


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