Draft FEMA Report Questions VVWRA Project, GM Defends Agency

Logan Olds

Logan Olds, General Manager VVWRA

It’s a letter no agency would ever want to get. A draft FEMA Office of Inspector General report contains language the Victor Valley Water Reclamation Authority (VVWRA) may not have followed all FEMA guidelines for an emergency project contract. They may even ask the agency to refund $32 million.

The emergency project was to rebuild a large sewer interceptor, washed out in a 2010 storm. The report was released in the fall of 2016 after a year of talking with VVWRA managers about the project.

According to press reports, the OIG never mentioned any reporting issues to VVWRA managers during their meetings. They found out about the OIG’s concerns after the draft report ended up in the local newspaper.

The draft report came out of the blue so quickly, the local newspaper the Daily Press called it “A routine call, then a biting audit for VVWRA.

In a recent Daily Press Op-Ed VVWRA General Manager Logan Olds, a past CWEA Board Member, defended the project…

To say that we were caught off-guard by the report would be a massive understatement. Only six months earlier, we were told that the audit was 95 percent complete and that our expenses and accounting were “generally acceptable.”

While we appreciate the federal government’s checks and balances, this particular audit trail leaves us baffled — because of both what we were led to believe and the nature of the pipeline project itself…

Whatever the internal dynamics are within OIG and FEMA, we stand ready to defend how this critically important project was managed and accounted for.

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