E-bulletin Celebrates 3 Years and Over 1,000 Stories

What's water worth to you?

It’s been three years since we launched the E-bulletin in its new-and-improved online blog format. You, and members like you, have provided content for E-Bulletin, which has now surpassed 1,000 news stories. Give yourself a pat on the back for staying up-to-date and connected to the water environment community by reading  and contributing to the E-bulletin.

You can send in articles or ideas for articles by clicking on the “Send us a news tip!” button (on the right side of the home page). When you have a comment about an article, subscribe (or log in) to add your perspective and knowledge. Let the whole world know when a colleague or agency has done something noble and noteworthy: go to the “Shout-outs” to describe the event or activity and why you think the water environment community should know about it. Contact Lola Dvorak to set up a quick orientation.

Visit often, leave a comment and share a story idea…WATER’S WORTH IT.

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