EchoWater Project to begin at Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District

Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) is undertaking a monumental effort—called the EchoWater Project—to take the Sacramento region’s wastewater treatment to a whole new level.

In 2010, Regional San was issued stringent new treatment requirements from the State of California that require them to make the most significant upgrade to the wastewater treatment plant since its original construction. This new system, which must be in place by 2021-2023, will produce cleaner water for discharge to the Sacramento River and for possible reuse as recycled water (e.g., for landscape and agricultural irrigation).

The project was named “EchoWater Project” to reflect how it will take our wastewater and return it to a clean, natural state—much like an “echo” returning to its original source.

When completed, the EchoWater Project will be capable of meeting the region’s needs and protecting the region’s waterways for generations to come.

Read the EchoWater Fact sheet to find out more information.

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