ECI Exam Project Update

Six months have passed since the completion of the Environmental Compliance Inspector certification exams update. All four grades were updated beginning July 2016 and completed in January 2017. The project was a collaborative effort, driven by the leadership of the CWEA’s P3S Committee. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from across the field volunteered their time and talent to improve the exams for the ECI community.

The new exams reflect the most current competencies in the field. Each question was carefully sourced, which helps SMEs review challenges quickly and accurately. In over a year since the first exams were launched, no challenges have stood up to SME review. However, careful monitoring is an important ongoing part of the project, and the Technical Certification Program Executive Committee will be keeping a close eye on the exams.

The ECI exams encompass a very broad knowledge base, and are some of the most challenging CWEA certification exams. Now that the exams have been updated, the focus will be on helping candidates prepare effectively.

CWEA held its first Certification Orientation webinar on July 13th, where ECI candidates learned about the certification process and got their questions answered directly by certification staff. Missed the webinar? A recording is available here:

The electronic study guides (free to CWEA members), are available to help certificate candidates understand what is expected of them on the certification test and to help them identify resources to assist in preparation for the test. Link to each electronic copy below:

We welcome your feedback about the ECI exams, if you have any comments please email and address to the TCP Executive Committee.

To learn more about Environmental Compliance check out the link on

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