Encina Wastewater Authority names new General Manager, Tapping Assistant General Manager & CWEA member to lead innovative wastewater and resource recovery facility

Wastewater industry expert draws upon over 24 years of management and executive experience at Encina Wastewater Authority pioneering strategies and processes to consistently improve techniques and work efforts.

On February 24, 2016 the Encina Wastewater Authority Board of Directors announced plans to promote Assistant General Manager Michael Steinlicht to the position of General Manager, effective March 1, 2016.

Mr. Steinlicht’s career at EWA has been focused on serving his community by protecting the local environment and creating efficiencies throughout the Encina Water Pollution Control Facility (EWPCF).  His efforts have directly resulted in increased self-sufficiency, reduced waste, and operational cost savings for EWA’s member agencies and the over 411,000 North County residents they serve. He has pioneered strategies and processes that consistently improve technologies and work efforts in order to mitigate operational, environmental safety, and fiscal risks.

Mr. Steinlicht joined EWA in 1992 when he managed the cogeneration plant. This part of the facility recaptures methane to produce clean, renewable energy and provide over 80% of EWA’s annual electricity needs (enough electricity to run 2,000 San Diego homes for a year). He was promoted to manage the Maintenance Department in 1997 and again promoted to lead the General Services department in 2001. In this position, he provided executive leadership for EWA’s Capital Improvement Program, Maintenance and Fleet Program, Information Systems, Purchasing and Inventory Control, and Asset Management Plan.  Innovation and success in these positions led to Mr. Steinlicht’s promotion to Assistant General Manager in 2009.  From then until 2013, his leadership and fiscal discipline led to a 10% reduction in operating expenses. Despite 12% growth in the average daily volume of wastewater treated over the past six years, Mr. Steinlicht has maintained negative growth in operating expenses.

“Mr. Steinlicht has proven to be an exceptional leader and great asset to our member agencies and citizens,” said Keith Blackburn, Chair of the EWA Board of Directors. “His leadership, discipline, deep knowledge of the entire EWPCF, and commitment to his community exemplify our culture of excellence and innovation, and commitment to protecting the Pacific Ocean through fiscally responsible decision making. We’re honored to have Mike take the helm as our new General Manager.”

In addition to his responsibilities at EWA, Mr. Steinlicht serves as an Officer of the EWA Board of Directors as Auditor/Treasurer. He is the San Diego County alternate board member and Secretary/Treasurer of the Southern California Alliance of Publicly Owned Treatment Works (SCAP), a legislative advocacy group dedicated to regional water issues.

Mr. Steinlicht holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration, and has attended post-graduate studies in leadership at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Prior to joining EWA, Mr. Steinlicht managed a 3-megawatt energy cogeneration system, and served with honor in the United States Navy.

Mr. Steinlicht and his wife Pamela have three adult sons and have lived in San Marcos, California since 1989. Their interests include traveling by cruise ship, desert camping, and spending time with family and friends.

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