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Certification_Icons_CWEANews_500CWEA has launched the Environmental Compliance Inspector (ECI) Grade I and II exams on July 1! So far a very small number of candidates have taken the exams and they are performing very well. Performance will continue to be monitored and feedback will be collected from test takers. Grade III exam launched on August 1st, and the Grade IV is scheduled to launch January 1, 2017.

Please note that the Knowledge Skills and Abilities (KSAs) have not changed. The Subject Matter Expert (SME) panel focused on revising and developing new test questions to fit each existing KSA.

Updated draft Study Guides for the Grade I and II have been emailed directly to all current candidates. They are not yet available on the online bookstore. Please send feedback on the study guides, especially those who have taken the exam to Chris Lundeen. Although the KSAs have not changed, the General Competencies, Math Competencies, and Suggested Reading for each KSA to reflect the new exams has been updated. The practice tests and solutions, glossary and acronyms, and formula sheet have also been updated.

The new Study Guides also include a new graphic that shows the “KSA Challenge Level” for each KSA. This is a relative weighting that is based on how test-takers, in the aggregate, have performed in each KSA. It doesn’t necessarily indicate how difficult the KSAs are, but simply indicates historical performance. As candidates prepare for their exam, they’ll need to assess how well prepared they are for each KSA and judge how challenging it might be for them. To help with that, a “Gap Analysis Tool” has been added as a final appendix to the study guide.

CWEA plans to release a modified version of the old “Industrial Waste Inspection Study Manual” published in 1989. Although some of the material is now dated, many candidates say it has some useful content. Dated information about the certification program and test content will be removed. It will be available as an additional resource. Candidates will get an email when this becomes available.

If you’re currently signed up for the test, and feeling that you need more time to prepare, please contact CWEA any time between now and the end of September to transfer your exam to a later window at MemberServices@cwea.org or 510-382-7800 option 4. If you have already scheduled an exam with Pearson VUE and want to reschedule, be sure to notify them at least one business day before your scheduled exam date. Otherwise, you’ll be subject to a $75 no-show fee.

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