EPA, Together with WEF, NACWA, and NRWA Host Webinar on the Proposed NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule

On September 4, 2013, WEF, NACWA and the NRWA in collaboration with EPA, hosted a webinar on the recently published proposed NPDES Electronic Reporting Rule. EPA focused its presentation on the key areas of the proposed rule including implementation and data quality. EPA outlined areas it is looking for comments from the water industry and stressed its intent in working with the water sector to make the rule as flexible as possible. EPA senior managers will be answering questions and talking further about the proposed rule at WEFTEC during the Clean Water Policy Session Monday afternoon, October 7. The webinar was recorded and you may listen to it while reading the slides by going to this site.

The proposed rule requires NPDES regulated entities to electronically submit Discharge Monitoring Reports (DMRs); Notices of intent to discharge in compliance with a general permit; and program reports. Authorized NPDES programs would also electronically submit NPDES program data to EPA. The proposed rule outlines a two year period following the effective date for implementation of the rule. The implementation would be in two phases: Phase 1 – EPA would electronically receive the basic facility and permit information from the authorized states, tribes, and territories and information from facilities covered by Federal general permits; EPA would also begin to electronically receive information from states, tribes, and territories regarding inspections, violation determinations, and enforcement actions. Finally, EPA, states, tribes, and territories would electronically receive Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) information from NPDES permittees; Phase 2 – in addition to Phase 1 data, EPA, states, tribes, and territories would receive information from state, tribal, and territorial general permit covered facilities and program reports from all facilities. Program reports include: pretreatment program annual reports, industrial users in cities without approved pretreatment programs periodic compliance monitoring reports, biosolids program annual reports, CAFO annual reports, MS4 reports, sewer overflow or bypass event reports [combined sewer overflows, sanitary sewer overflows and bypass event reports].

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