Eureka’s Michael Hansen Explains the Need to Invest in Water Infrastructure

CWEA member Michael Hansen, the Acting Deputy Public Works Director for the City of Eureka, makes the case for investing in the treatment plant and sewer system. Rates will increase over a 5 year timeline.

“You have the harshness of the saltwater air on the outside that’s attacking everything. Then from the inside, there’s  sewer gases constantly working and chipping away at anything that’s metal or concrete, which is just about everything around here,” said Hansen.

“Over 30 percent of our collection system is more than 100 years old,” said Public Works Director Brian Gerving. “So those things add up to mean that there are far more projects that need to be done for our wastewater operations.”

Residents will weigh in on the proposed timeline and investments during a community meeting on May 16th.

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