Excellence in Water Management Applauded at Annual Stormwater Conference

The California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) awards program recognizescreative approaches, outstanding projects, best practices and exemplary accomplishments in the field of stormwater quality management.

“The CASQA Awards Committee evaluated the creativity and innovation of organizations as they addressed stormwater and environmental challenges in their communities,” said Gerhardt Hubner, Awards Committee chair. “These award recipients embody creativity and sustainability in stormwater management. CASQA wishes to recognize their success, innovation and dedication to the improvement of stormwater quality in California.”

This year’s award recipients will receive recognition for excellence in the following categories:

•    Outstanding Stormwater BMP Implementation Award – Boeing Company- Santa Susana Biofilter
The Santa Susana biofilter is designed to harness natural processes to treat stormwater runoff while promoting pollinator habitats. The system uses plants, soils and filter media to capture sediment and pollutants before releasing cleaner water back into the watershed. The biofilter also serves as an educational tool for students and the community, as its surrounding ADA-compliant walking paths are lined with educational signage and benches where visitors can observe its top layer of native vegetation.

•    Outstanding Sustainable Stormwater Project Award–Placer County – Placer County Low Impact Development (LID) Guidebook
The Placer County Low Impact Development Guidebook was developed to provide much-needed tools and guidance on the use and implementation of LID techniques to protect and enhance the water quality of Placer County in the Yuba, Truckee and American River watersheds through the promotion of sustainable, innovative and cost effective stormwater management techniques in the higher elevations. The guidebook’s thorough fact sheets and other tools are also valuable to many other stormwater practitioners throughout California, as the resource was produced with the intention to also benefit those of varying geographic and topographic locations.

•    Outstanding Stormwater News, Information, Outreach and Media Award – City of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County Water Agency – Creek Stewardship Program
The City of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County Water Agency designed the Creek Stewardship Program to empower citizens to help improve the water quality within their local creeks, with strong support from the City and Water Agency’s stormwater management programs. The City and the Water Agency accomplished their three goals for the program: to educate the community about the importance of the creek through distributing materials and outreach events; to give people the opportunity to directly help the creek by becoming Creek Stewards; and to respond thoroughly and efficiently to citizen concerns through interagency operations. These outreach efforts, in conjunction with the City and the Water Agency’s renewed commitment to be stewards of the public infrastructure and environment for the benefit of their citizens, have steadily improved the water quality in Santa Rosa’s urban creeks.

•    CASQA Leadership Award – Scott Taylor, PE, D.WRE
This year’s recipient, Scott Taylor, PE, D.WRE has more than 28 years of extensive, specialized expertise in stormwater quality, flood control and stormwater management. Taylor is an active member of CASQA and has previously served as Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. In those capacities, Taylor led CASQA in various statewide efforts to develop pragmatic and sustainable policies and stormwater management programs. Taylor has also represented CASQA at the federal, state, and local levels.

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