Excellence in Water Management Applauded at Annual Stormwater Conference

The California Stormwater Quality Association (CASQA) will present two awards at its eighth annual Stormwater Conference awards luncheon this Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, at the Hilton San Diego at Mission Bay. CASQA’s annual conference is held each year for experts in the stormwater field and always includes an awards program recognizing creative approaches, outstanding projects, best practices and exemplary accomplishments in the field of stormwater quality management.

“The CASQA Awards Committee evaluated the creativity and innovation of projects, as they addressed stormwater and environmental challenges in their communities,” said Gerhardt Hubner, Awards Committee chair. “Both of these projects embody creativity and sustainability in stormwater management.  CASQA wishes to recognize their success, innovation and dedication to the improvement of stormwater quality in California.”

This year’s two award recipients received recognition for excellence in two categories:

  • Outstanding Stormwater BMP Implementation Award – LA Sanitation- City of Los Angeles Garvanza Park Stormwater BMP Project

The LA Sanitation-City of Los Angeles partnered with North East Trees, a community-based nonprofit organization on the Garvanza Park Stormwater BMP Project. The project had two primary goals: to reduce the amount of polluted runoff that enters storm drains, streams and oceans, and to maximize the amount of stormwater recharged into aquifers to help offset water pumped out of aquifers by water agencies and other groundwater users. Garvanza Park is a. The Garvanza Park Stormwater BMP Project represents an exceptional, multi-use stormwater project in a number of important ways. Garvanza Park is a public park located in a heavily urbanized area of the northeast part of the Los Angeles where retrofit options are extremely limited. This project uses the existing park to house a below-ground water treatment facility, which not only enhances water quality, but also holds close to half of the collected rainwater for irrigation use within the park. It’s estimated that this project reduces pollutant loads in stormwater by 90 percent.

Outstanding Sustainable Stormwater Project Award City of Elk Grove Rain Garden Plaza

The Elk Grove Rain Garden Plaza is a demonstration garden for sustainable stormwater landscape design, located in the heart of the City of Elk Grove adjacent to City Hall. The goal of the project is to educate, inspire and motivate residents and business owners to design and/or retrofit their landscapes using low-impact development (LID) features and eco-friendly landscaping. Through interactive features and interpretive signage, this accessible inviting Plaza teaches visitors of all ages to have fun as they learn about easy ways to reduce runoff, eliminate the use of harmful chemicals, and use water efficiently, all while reducing greenhouse gases in the process.

CASQA awards can be given to both public and private projects and individuals from public agencies and private businesses. A CASQA member must nominate award candidates, and candidates are evaluated on demonstrated excellence, ingenuity, creativity, professionalism and documented results.  Awards may be made at local, regional and statewide levels.

CASQA’s eighth annual Stormwater Conference will be held Nov. 5-7 at the Hilton San Diego at Mission Bay.  This year’s conference, Stormwater Management: Solving the Stormwater Compliance Puzzle, will offer training workshops, presentations, and exhibits designed to benefit those working with municipal, industrial, and construction NPDES stormwater permits. In addition, this year will also include a special track on the Clean Water Act in in commemoration of its 40th anniversary.

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