Executive Director's Message

Elizabeth Allan, Executive Director

Elizabeth Allan, Executive Director

The Executive Director’s Message covers the meetings of CWEA’s State Board of Directors on your behalf after each quarterly Board meeting. This issue highlights our September 9 Board meeting in Sacramento, CA.

Track your Contact Hours on myCWEA.org
Board members were the first to test out the new functionality on our new online service platform, myCWEA.org, that tracks your CWEA contact hours for state and regional events. In addition, our CWEA certificate holders can see these contact hours automatically applied toward their certification continuing education requirement. Check it out on your own member profile, or read more about these new services and how you can access your contact hours here in the eBulletin.

Scholarship 2015 grant appropriation of $17,600 approved
The Board approved a 2015 total grant appropriation of $17,600 from CWEA’s Kirt Brooks Memorial Water Environment Scholarship Fund. The Scholarship Fund is a grant-making program for students who are engaged in the water environment field and who are members of CWEA or sponsored by CWEA members. Scholarship applications are due on January 15. Learn more about the Scholarship Fund and download an application form at http://www.cwea.org/cwq_cweaglance_desc_scholarship.shtml.

Donations are accepted any time. Consider donating or increasing your donation in order to meet the Scholarship Fund’s goal of $500k by 2015. Just $5 from every CWEA member would help us reach our goal.

Public Education Committee is now the Community Engagement and Outreach Committee
The Community Engagement and Outreach Committee formerly known as the Public Education Committee, asked the Board to approve the name change believing that it better reflects what its members do as a community of practice and better fits the Committee’s mission. The Committee believes that “community” is more inclusive of all the audiences CWEA members interact with including the general public, co-workers and employees, communities of volunteers, board members, etc. Interested in joining CWEA’s Community Engagement and Outreach Committee? Contact Committee Chair Dianne Lee, West Yost Associates, dlee@westyost.com or Vice-Chair Gretchen Lunn Mueller, CMSA, gmueller@cmsa.us. Southern folks are especially needed.

Board to explore certification issues and trends in January
At our January Board workshop we’ll be exploring trends and issues that are driving change in credentialing and how those changes might affect our certificate-holders, their employers, and our certification program. We’ll then use what we learn from this process as a foundation to develop a strategic vision and plan for certification over the following fiscal year.  

Nominate candidates for open Board positions by January 2
Serving on CWEA’s State Board not only allows you to give back to the profession that we care so much about but also provides you with an outstanding leadership and professional development opportunity…so nominate your next leader by January 2 (or ask someone to nominate you) for your CWEA State Board. Questions? Contact Victoria Rawson at vrawson@cwea.org, 510.382.7800 x 113.

We are seeking candidates for the following positions:

  • Vice President from the North (will be President in third year of four-year term);
  • Director at-large from the South (three-year term);
  • Director at-large from the North (serves as CWEA Treasurer in third year of three-year term);
  • Water Environment Federation (WEF) Delegate Director from the North (three-year term, starting in October; however, attendance at Board meetings starts immediately after May elections).

Next cycle of education event goals will be set January 2015
Between now and the January CWEA State Board meeting, staff and the Planning and Program Development Committee of the Board will develop measures for the next cycle of CWEA education programs (Northern Regional Training Conference 2015, Northern Safety Day 2015, P3S 2016, and Annual Conference 2016). Measures include number of registrants as well as financial goals. Measures for P3S 2016 and AC 2016 may be subsequently adjusted based on the 2015 results for those two events.

FY13-14 financial results look good
Preliminary, unaudited results for FY13-14 show us ending the year with income over expense of $79k (including operating expense and Project Fund use), versus our planned budget deficit of -$480k. Income was over budget 4% ($129k), expenses (both operating expenses and Project Fund use) were under budget -11% (-$430k). Membership revenue was 2% over budget. Certification revenue was 16% over budget. Job posting revenue was 56% over budget. Expenses were lower than expected primarily due to not executing Project Fund placeholder initiatives due to time constraints during the year. Those projects have been rescheduled for future fiscal years.

You can see our unaudited FY13-14 results in our Member Value Report and CWEA’s performance measures including our preliminary (unaudited) results in our year-end dashboard.

Watch for audited results in your E-Bulletin and Wastewater Professional in January.

Early indicators for FY14-15 – so far so good
It’s far too early to know how this fiscal year will turn out, but we are seeing stable trends for membership and certification. As of the September Board meeting, the Northern Regional Training Conference in Sacramento was slightly below its projected attendance goals. Tri-State Seminar registration at its new Las Vegas location was a record high and exhibitor spaces sold out quickly.

Dashboard ­
Check out our Strategy Map Metrics Dashboard to see how the association advanced its mission through key project milestones and measures. The dashboard tracks performance indicators CWEA’s Board has identified to measure performance on our strategic plan.

Questions?  Feedback?  Comments? If you have any questions about CWEA or our Board work, contact me. I’m interested in knowing how things are going for you, seeing how we can help, as well as hearing your input on how we can improve.

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