Executive Director’s Message

Executive Director Elizabeth Allan

Elizabeth Allan, Executive Director

The Executive Director’s Message covers the meetings of CWEA’s State Board of Directors on your behalf after each quarterly Board meeting. This issue highlights the October 29 Board meeting.

FY14-15 financial results look good

Unaudited FY14-15 results are in your Member Value Report where you can track CWEA’s performance measures including our preliminary (unaudited) results in our year-end dashboard. Watch for audited results in your E-Bulletin and Wastewater Professional in April.

Early indicators for FY15-16

The Northern Regional Training Conference in Sacramento was below projected attendance goals. The event is moving into the one-day workshop model with three topics in three locations being held throughout the year. Tri-State seminar attendance was 1.5% higher than projected. Trends are stable for certification and membership.

Future issues identified by the Board to be monitored:

The Board identified the following as future issues to track:

  • Potable Reuse, including Operator Certification
  • Stormwater
  • Career Paths
  • Utility of the Future
  • Onsite Reuse
  • Conservation

Executive Committee action on behalf of the Board:

CWEA’s Executive Committee (EC) is authorized to take action on behalf of the Board between Board meetings when timeliness requires. Here are the actions the EC has taken since the June Board meeting:

  • Approved holding our Annual Conference 2018 in Sacramento on April 17 – 20, 2018.
  • Approved CWEA becoming a funding partner with California Urban Water Agencies (CUWA) and the California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) for a two-day workshop to explore options for certification of operators at potable reuse facilities.
  • Approved a letter that the CWEA Laboratory Committee drafted (link below) in response to the findings and recommendations of the Expert Review Panel (ERP) of the Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP). ELAP transitioned from the California Department of Public Health to the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB) Division of Drinking Water (DDW) in July 2014.  Since then, the SWRCB has selected an Expert Review Panel (ERP) and charged them with seven questions to review the existing ELAP program and recommend changes. If the ERP recommendations are implemented, it will have major impact on the medium and small laboratories. Link to CWEA Response Letter to ELAP: http://cweawaternews.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/FinalCWEAERPResponseLetter-2015-10-08.pdf
  • Approved 2016 total scholarship grant appropriation of $20,000.
    • Mini campaign started in early November to raise final $50k to reach our $500,000 goal. cwea.org/kbs Almost $7,000 has been raised since the launch of the online mini campaign in November.

Performance on FY15-16 key priorities for quarter 1 and quarter 2

A key focus was implementing the staff reorganization plan funded by the Board with the addition of a communications team and a customer service manager. Carol Harris joins the staff as the new Customer Service Manager and Alec Mackie is the new Director of Communications and Marketing. Hiring for a Certification support position is in progress. Meet the new members of staff here.

With the addition of the Communications team comes new marketing opportunities. The communications team has been hard at work increasing advertising and sponsorship opportunities in the Wastewater Professional, E-Bulletin and website.

The website infrastructure is currently being modified to make it easier for Local Sections to manage their sites and a new certification and jobs microsite is in process. The new microsite will have opportunities for premium posting for employers wanting to highlight job postings. The launch is planned before Annual Conference.

Innovation EcoSystem

President of Imagine H20 Scott Bryan discussed the “Innovation EcoSystem” and the role of technology providers. See the E-Bulletin story covering Innovation EcoStystem. http://cweawaternews.org/imagine-h20-president-visits-cwea-board/

What’s happening at WEF?
CWEA’s WEF Delegate Directors on our Board reported that WEF has created four new workgroups to focus on: membership, stormwater, value of water and water advocacy, and innovating utility management.

Two new WEF Directors at large come from California: Welcome Brian Villacorta with Coombs Hopkins and Chris Stacklin with Orange County Sanitation District. Joining the WEF Membership Committee from California is Doug Wing with Carollo Engineers. See all the WEF leaders from California here: http://cweawaternews.org/meet-the-california-wef-members/

The WEF Delegate Directors stressed that WEFMAX (WEF Member Association Exchange) events are open to more than just delegates. Anyone in leadership roles in a WEF Member Association can attend to meet leaders from other WEF Member Associations. This includes Local Section leaders.

March 9 – 11  Florida WEA Orlando, FL
April 6 – 8  Pennsylvania WEA  Philadelphia, PA
May 4 – 6  Illinois WEA  Chicago, IL
May 18 – 20  Rocky Mountain WEA Vail, CO

Stay tuned to the E-Bulletin for profiles on WEF leaders and learn how to become a WEF leader yourself. http://cweawaternews.org/meet-nick-arhontes-wef-leader-from-california/

Next Board Meeting
Our next Board meeting will be January 29 & 30, 2016 in San Diego, CA.

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