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Executive Director Elizabeth Allan

Elizabeth Allan, Executive Director

This Executive Director’s Message briefs you on the work on your behalf of CWEA’s Board of Directors at our January 25-26, 2013 Board meetings.

Board nominees approved for election vote at Annual Business Meeting on April 17th…
These board candidates will be up for member vote at the April 17th Annual Business Meeting at AC13 in Palm Springs:

Phil Scott, District Manager at West Bay Sanitary District, for Vice President (from the North, will be President in third year of a four-year service),
Chuck Greely, Senior Project Manager at Dudek & Associates, Inc., for Director at-large from the South (three-year term),
Gayle Tupper, Retiree, for Director at-large from the North (serve as CWEA Treasurer in third year of three-year term), and
Giti Heravian, Lab Director at Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District, for Water Environment Federation Delegate Director from the North (three-year term starting in October 2013).

The candidates automatically appointed by the Board as chairs of their respective committees:
Megan Yoo, Hazen and Sawyer, for Southern Regional Committee Chair (three-year term).
Soma Bhadra, Proteus Consulting, for Technical Certification Program Chair (one-year term).

For nominee bios, see http://www.cwea.org/pdf/board/BoardNominees.pdf

Strategic-thinking workshop generates input for FY 13-14 program of of work and budget…
CWEA volunteer Donna Wies once again assisted with the Board’s annual strategic planning workshop.  The Board reviewed our performance on objectives and measures (including our certification revalidation project, the certification preparation initiative, and the replacement of our Association Management System).  The Board reviewed five-year participation trends in our core program areas (membership, certification, and training).  The Board took a new look at how the economy, regulations, and enforcement are likely to be trending over the next few years.  The Board discussed measurements and priorities for FY 13-14.  The Board brainstormed how we could use innovation for our educational offerings to improve attendance, attendee experience, and employer value.  The Board’s Planning & Program Development Committee will take the Board’s strategic planning input into account as it works with staff to develop the FY 13-14 program of work and budget which will come to the Board for approval at its June meeting.  Check CWEA’s Strategic Plan and its one-page Strategy Map at:  http://www.cwea.org/dashboard.

Mid-year indicators are on track and continue to be carefully monitored…
Current indicators seem to suggest that we are performing at or better than budget year-to-date.

Clean FY 11-12 Audit with one exception that we expected…
We received a clean audit with one expected generally accepted accounting principles departure (for treatment of membership dues on a cash basis). The Board approved the audit, its accompanying management letter, and CWEA’s tax filing for FY11-12.  Even though CWEA is a tax-exempt organization, we must make an annual tax filing at both the state and federal levels. Check the April Wastewater Professional to review the audited financials.

Send in your proxy for annual business meeting by March 25th…
The Board approved records dates, as required by law, for CWEA’s annual business meeting notification, voting, and proxies. Can’t make the annual business meeting?  We still need your vote to approve our incoming slate of directors. Assign your vote by proxy to a CWEA member who is attending the April 17th annual business meeting.   Make your voice heard and help us reach a quorum. Proxy forms for the 2013 annual business meeting are available at www.cwea.org/annualbusinessmeeting and from Victoria Rawson (vrawson@cwea.org or 510.382.7800 x 113) and must be returned by March 25th in order to allow staff to confirm membership. A proxy vote gives another member who is in attendance the right to cast your vote, in the manner you prescribe.

Save the dates for AC16 in Santa Clara…
The Board approved going back to Santa Clara for the Annual Conference 2016 on April 26-29, 2016. But we’ll see you before then at AC2013 in Palm Springs, AC 2014 in Santa Clara, and AC2015 in San Diego. See the conference calendar to keep all those dates straight.

AC 14 committee experiments with new model…
President-elect Christoph Dobson briefed the Board on a new committee model that the AC 14 Conference Committee is experimenting with that is intended to make the most of volunteers’ precious time and expertise.  It will still be a volunteer-driven committee with all the same sub-committees as usual but streamlined with a new co-chair approach – a volunteer co-chair and a staff co-chair.  The volunteer co-chair will manage volunteers who work on programming, tours, sponsorship, exhibits, info tables, and student and young professional linkages (key areas of volunteer expertise).  The staff co-chair will manage volunteers who work on meeting planning and marketing (key areas of staff expertise).  This more direct tie-in should make it faster and simpler for volunteers to tap resources and keep moving forward with their responsibilities.   Thirty-five volunteers typically work on a CWEA annual conference committee and more than 300 volunteers support the event as speakers, session chairs, moderators, tour guides, registration desk volunteers, etc.  Each one brings his or her unique set of abilities and experiences and interests.  We couldn’t produce a conference without them.  We hope that this model will help volunteers be more effective and efficient and still provide them with a good experience while doing good work together on behalf of our field.   We think it’s an experiment that’s worth a try.

Resolution passed to thank CWEA President’s employer…
The Board approved a resolution of appreciation for the City of San Luis Obispo for supporting Carrie Mattingly’s service as CWEA’s 2012-13 President.

Dashboards–check out our progress…
Check out our Strategy Map Metrics Dashboard to see how the association is advancing its mission through key project milestones and metrics. The 12/31/12 Dashboard shows how we’ve progressed for the first half of the current fiscal year.   The dashboards track performance indicators CWEA’s Board has identified to measure performance on our strategic plan.

Next Board meeting…Our next Board meetings will be held in conjunction with the Annual Conference on April 16 and 20, 2013 in Palm Springs, CA. Committee quarterly reports, informational items, and requests for Board action are due March 26.

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