Executive Director's Report

Elizabeth Allan, Executive Director

Elizabeth Allan, Executive Director

Dear CWEA Members,

I’m happy to report the highlights of the most recent Board meeting held in Oakland on October 21.

FY 15-16 Accomplishments:
Preliminary, unaudited FY 15-16 year-end results show income under budget -1% (-$34k) and expenses (including approved Project Fund use) under budget -5.8%

(-$260k). The year-end net result (including approved Project Fund use) is -$136k expenses over income versus our planned budget of -$361k expenses over income, which is a $225k positive variance compared to budget primarily due to the following:

  • Increase in TCP activity and certification exams
  • Job posting revenue brought in more than budgeted
  • Overhead expenses were under budget by $204k

Unaudited FY15-16 results can be seen in your Member Value Report, mailed in October’s issue of the Wastewater Professional and you can see CWEA’s performance measures including our preliminary (unaudited) results in our year-end dashboard. Watch for audited results in your Wastewater Professional in April.

Early indicators for FY16-17 – so far so good:
We are performing better than budget so far this fiscal year. At the end of September, income was over year-to-date budget 9% ($56k) and expenses were under year-to-date budget -13% (-$100k).

edu-graphicAC17 Education Program Team Update:
Carrie Mattingly, 2017 Annual Conference (AC) Co-Chair, has formed an Education Program Team of 10 volunteers. They have been diligently working to bring you an Annual Conference event to not be missed. The Board approved the following recommended changes for AC17. Stay tuned to the program brochure coming out next month. Note some changes were made to accommodate a jam-packed schedule of technical sessions and workshops.

  • Eliminate the Tuesday pre-conference workshops and incorporate this learning into the full conference (Wednesday through Friday). This change is based on diverse feedback and benefits attendees by adding several sessions in a workshop-learning format as part of the full conference.
  • Hold the opening general session on Tuesday afternoon just before the evening ice-breaker; follow with two full days of learning on Wednesday and Thursday and sessions on Friday morning followed by the closing lunch and awards ceremony. This responds to feedback asking for more educational sessions during the conference.

wwp-mvr-iconRoll-out of new magazine and upgraded E-Bulletin continues:
Our Communications & Marketing Team debuted the new and improved Wastewater Professional produced by our new custom magazine publisher. Feedback is welcome and can be sent to mbarillo@cwea.org. View the Wastewater Professional online and keep an eye out for January’s issue on Workforce Development.

The Team has also been working hard to provide more great and relevant content for the E-Bulletin, including profiles of CWEA members and leaders. Story ideas are always welcome. Please send ideas to ebulletin@cwea.org.

TSS LLC Operating Agreement Next Steps:
The Board authorized the Executive Committee to take action to transition from the current partnership agreement with Nevada Water Environment Association and AZ Water (with whom we produce the annual Tri-State Seminar) to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) together – Tri-State Seminar, LLC. The Tri-State Seminar (TSS) is a highly successful 32-year old event that has grown from a few hundred participants to more than 3,000. An LLC provides more liability protection for volunteers and the three associations who produce the event. The Operating Agreement still needs to be approved by all three associations with an expected effective date of January 1, 2017.

Summit Partners’ website project:
The Board gave a thumbs up to support a Summit Partners website project. The Clean Water Summit Partners is a coalition of statewide and regional organizations representing local public agencies engaged in providing clean water services to their communities. The Summit Partners include: California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA); the Bay Area Clean Water Agencies (BACWA); the Central Valley Clean Water Association (CVCWA), the Southern California Alliance of Publicly Owned Treatment Works (SCAP), and CWEA.

CWEA Past President Maura Bonnarens presented an opportunity for CWEA to provide funding to the Summit Partners to help build and maintain an information-sharing website for California wastewater agencies. The site is intended to be an easily accessible computer-based platform for sharing information such as:

  • Cutting-edge/utility of the future initiatives
  • Information about new projects agencies are undertaking
  • Routine treatment plant and collection system operations and maintenance information and support activities (public outreach, rate setting)

Local Section Finances Policy Update:
As we’ve mentioned previously the Board is updating Financial Policy 104 (FP104) which is the financial policy for Local Sections. The policy is out of date and does not address new financial technologies now available as well as reporting requirements and internal fiscal controls required of our organization.

CWEA Treasurer Michael Flores and CFO Kevin Rogers have given several presentations regarding proposed key changes to FP104. In October they presented a final draft from the Operations Committee to the Board. In November they presented the information at Northern Regional (NRC) and Southern Regional Committee (SRC) meetings. Local Section (LS) leaders provided insights, suggestions and asked thoughtful questions.

Based on that feedback from LS leaders at NRC and SRC, the Board’s Operations Committee feels we are heading in the right direction and we are addressing the needs of Local Sections as well as meeting our fiduciary responsibility to protect the association.

The next step is a final proposal at the Board’s January meeting and setting up the Local Section treasurers’ orientation webinar early next year.

CWEA Board Nominations due December 30, 2016:
The nominations for the 2017 CWEA State Board of Directors positions are due next week. For board nominations information and forms visit http://www.cwea.org/members/mlr_leader_likeleader_jcb_ni.shtml.

Nomination forms must be in by December 30, 2016.

Serving on CWEA’s Board not only allows you to give back to the profession that we care so much about but also provides you with an outstanding leadership and professional development opportunity.

Holiday Closing:
The CWEA office will be closed December 23-January 2.  If you have an urgent matter that must be addressed while the office is closed, please call the office and follow the instructions on the holiday voicemail message.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.


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