Help Wanted: WEF Seeks Chair for Nutrient Management Technical Practice Committee

Task Force Chair Sought for Nutrient Roadmap Publication

The Water Environment Federation’s (WEF’s) Technical Practice Committee is seeking a Task Force Chair to lead the development of a nutrient roadmap publication.

The nutrient roadmap will be a high-level, overview document for utilities of all sizes to help them better managing nutrients in the context of their individual regulatory climates. The roadmap will address the following topics:

  • Products
  • Interrelationships
  • Treatment Technologies
  • Recommended Practices and Guidance: Support Nutrient Management, Product Development, Understanding the Environment, Alternatives Evaluation, Proactively Manage Risks

The guidance document will be supplemented with case studies and additional resources.  The Roadmap will also inform future research, training, and advocacy programs to support the movement towards smarter nutrient management in water resource recovery facilities.

The Task Force Chair would be responsible for preparing a proposed scope of work for the project, which would include an abstract; information regarding the audience, purpose, and scope of the publication; a list of confirmed authors; and a book outline. The Task Force Chair’s primary responsibilities once the effort is underway are to provide direction to the authors and reviewers of the publication regarding the content of the manual, ensure that consensus-review procedures are followed and that review comments are addressed by authors, and ensure that deadlines are met so that the publication can be published within a 12-month schedule.

If you are interested in leading this effort and will be able to work closely with WEF staff and dedicate the expertise and time to ensuring that a high-quality publication is developed according to the 12-month publication development schedule, please contact me by June 13 with a brief resume. Please also contact me with any questions regarding publication development procedures or the role of the Task Force Chair.

Manager, Technical Publication
Water Environment Federation
Phone: 703.684.2400 x7180

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