IL Sewer Contractor Dies When Lining Collapses Around Him

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Firefighters rescuing a sewer contractor in IL. Photo by the Daily Herald

Heart-breaking news from Illinois – a 22-year old working on a sewer re-lining project was killed when the liner collapsed around him. He was 20′ underground, possibly cutting out sewer laterals. The pipe diameter was estimated to be around 20-24″.

The construction worker’s name is Brett Morrow. Firefighters were unable to get him out of the pipe in time to save him.

Morrow was about 30 feet into the pipe under the 500 block of South Park Boulevard. He was part of a crew from Bartlett-based Benchmark Construction that had been lining some of the neighborhood’s older sewer mains for weeks.

Four teams of firefighters working in pairs and specially trained in confined-space rescues had to painstakingly chip away the hardened resin lining for nearly four hours Wednesday night to reach Morrow.

Important reminder for sewer works and contractors about the importance of safety procedures.

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